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Joint Ventures

Working together to achieve commercial success

How it Works

Working Together To Achieve A Joint Purpose

A Joint Venture (JV) is a commercial alliance between two separate entities that enables both parties to share risk and reward. A new venture is created to which each party contributes resources such as land and funds.

For landowners in possession of a valuable piece of land or property, but lacking in the resources, know-how or time needed to develop it for profit, a JV is an excellent way to maximise the value of their assets and ensure a strong financial return. And as accomplished new home builders we know a thing or two about turning empty land into high quality sought after property.

As a trusted partner, with a proven track record, Bespoke shares the risk, and our clients have access to our in-house expertise.

And what is also key is that we work to a simple process. Bespoke enters into a joint venture agreement with the landowner. A profit share arrangement is generally based on an agreed land value plus a realistic build cost deducted from the final selling price. We then use our expertise and access to finance to develop the land. Upon completion and sale of the property, the two parties share profits according to the terms set out in the contract.

Why Bespoke?

A Trusted Partner In Business

Joint Venture structures may vary but what is consistent is our collaborative attitude to agreeing an approach our JV partner is comfortable with. Bespoke then takes on the construction keeping you fully informed as each stage of the build progresses, right through to completion.

As a result of a good trading record with several banks including Handlesbanken, Lloyds Bank and RBS, we have access to significant funding which makes us a safe joint venture partner.

If you’re interested in working with Bespoke, you might want to view our extensive case studies pages for details of our recent projects. We are based in Bristol, and work across the county, as well as Gloucestershire, Wales and the South West.