1. Preserving your Garden in Winter

    Winter brings with it its own set of challenges for those who dare step outside. From icy winds which dry your skin to torrential downpours and thick blankets of snow which chill you to the bone, it can be tough to manage when you’re outside in during those winter months. So, imagine how tough it […]

  2. How to Heat a Barn Conversion: Your Choices

    Transforming a barn into a stunning contemporary home is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake, combining traditional charm with the thrill of designing a new home. At Bespoke, we help people just like you design and construct their dream barn conversions. However, the reality of converting a barn is often more complicated […]

  3. Crafting an Incredible Eco Home in Rural Gloucestershire

    At Bespoke Builders, our favourite projects those in which our passions line up perfectly with those of our clients. It’s when creativity is at its peak and excitement about the direction a property is taking is amplified. For us, those moments happen when we’re working on eco-homes and, over the years, we’ve been lucky enough […]

  4. Building using Wood: Advantages and Disadvantages

    For as long as humans have been constructing their own shelters, we’ve been making use of wood in the process. Whether it’s the all-wood homes of the past or the modern, wood-finished properties you’ll find around the globe, wood remains an integral part of almost every home built. Today, however, there are a plethora of […]

  5. Why Detail Matters in Interior Design

    Whether we’re aware of it or not, detail is all around us. It’s what separates the banal from the spectacular, the pedestrian from the luxurious and the thoughtless from the thoughtful. It’s about the joy in little things, and it manifests itself in everything we buy. Whether it’s the subtle gold trim on your best […]

  6. The Country House Interior Design Trends We Love

    Decorating any home beautifully is more than merely throwing your old furniture about the place and splashing a little neutral paint on the walls – it’s about understanding what makes a home beautiful, where its charm lies and where you can combine sympathetic design with cutting-edge style. At Bespoke, we know what it takes to […]

  7. Decking Preservation: Our Top Tips

    Here in Britain, there’s nothing which gives us joy quite like our gardens. They’re where we entertain, where we pour endless hours planting and pruning and where we enjoy the intersection between property and mother nature. For millions of us, that means installing beautiful, hardwearing decking. It’s a smart choice, protecting your lawn whilst providing […]

  8. Finding a Plot for your New Build

    No matter whether you’re dreaming of a building mansion or a bungalow,  the first step for every single one of us is the same – finding a suitable plot of land. It’s easy to forget, but the land on which our property is located determines a huge amount about our homes themselves. Your plot will […]

  9. Self-Build FAQ

    Blame Grand Designs, but today, building your own home is a dream that many of us hold close to our hearts. The hope that we could find that perfect patch of land and, from nothing, summon the ideal home from the ground is a hopelessly inspiring one. Although the government do not produce official statistics […]

  10. Eco-Friendly Insulation Options

    At the heart of every eco-home design is one simple thing – insulation (both figuratively and literally). A structure that’s well insulated can boost its eco-credentials massively. That’s thanks to a dramatic reduction in heating and electric bills by keeping the home cool in summer and keeping in the warm in winter, which, in turn, […]

  11. Why Are Barn Conversions So Popular?

    You only need to take a walk around your nearest city to realise that housing trends come and go. There’s an incredible variety of housing stock in the UK, running the gamut from quaint, thatched roof cottages to towering, steel-and-glass megastructures, but one type of home continues to gain in popularity – barn conversions. All […]

  12. Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

    Having a beautiful home is about more than mere architecture. It’s about situating your home within the world that surrounds it, positioning it sympathetically in its environment and ensuring that nature can thrive alongside your property, rather than in spite of it. With housing demands at an all-time high and our amazing countryside being squeezed […]

  13. Eco-Friendly Window Tips

    When it comes to ensuring the eco-credentials of your home, the majority of the work you do boils down to one simple thing – ensuring the heat retention of your property. In an eco-home, this can mean multiple things, from proper insulation to full-blown Passivhaus design principles, but there’s one element of home design which […]

  14. The First Steps of Converting a Barn

    There’s nothing quite like the charm, character and space that a beautifully executed barn conversion offers. It’s a world away from the mass-market blankness of many of the properties designed to sit alongside almost-identical houses on a new-build estate. For many of us, the thought of renovating a barn and converting it into a home […]

  15. How to Keep your House Cool During the Summer

    Summer is here and, frankly, it’s probably just a little too warm for us here at Bespoke Builders towers. Of course, the weather is a beautiful break from Britain’s oft-derided rain-soaked climate, but it makes living inside our homes somewhat more difficult as we lean on fans, open windows and blackout curtains to keep the […]

  16. Innovative Ways to Make a Home Eco-Friendly

    When it comes to helping reduce our eco-footprint, there are dozens of little things we can do. Whether it’s pivoting away from plastic bags and other single-use plastics or switching to an electric vehicle, we’re all making changes to help the environment. However, one the biggest impacts we have on the environment isn’t from our […]

  17. Summer Colours to Brighten up your new House

    With copious amounts of sunshine on offer, we’re enjoying the very best of Britain’s glorious landscape and marvelling in the wonderful diversity of architecture on offer. Whilst the sun may be shining outside, you might not know it from inside your home. In fact, without looking out of the window, you’d be hard-pressed to tell […]

  18. Get the Lighting Right in your Barn Conversion

    It only takes a quick look around to realise that light is pretty important – it’s why God put it on the top of his schedule when he created the universe. Here on earth though, light dictates everything that we see, illuminating the world around us. Getting the lighting right in your home though? Well, […]

  19. Kitchen Extensions: What to Consider

    Kitchens are the centrepiece of any home. They’re where we retreat to after a hard days work, where we entertain friends and family and where we burn all of our toast, despite getting the toaster settings right just yesterday. Put simply, our kitchens are important. It’s why so many of us are forever eyeing that […]

  20. Water Feature Ideas 2018

    Throughout all of human evolution, being close to running water has been the safest, most desirable place to be. In early humans, it meant that drinkable water was plentiful, that we could clean our food and that we could feed and raise livestock. Whilst water might be readily available today, we’ve kept that clear desire […]

  21. Barn Conversions: What You Need to Know

    Transforming an existing property is one of the most satisfying things you can do in life. It’s the joy of seeing what was once a disused pile of bricks, metal and glass become something so much more – a home where you can live happily. Every single day properties are transformed, from terraced houses to […]

  22. How to Choose the Right Design for Your Home

    One of the best things about designing and building your own home is that, ultimately, you’ll end up with a home which not only reflects your personal taste but also fits around your life like a glove fits around a hand. There needs to be no compromise in a bespoke property design, but actually deciding […]

  23. INFOGRAPHIC: Design & Build Your Own Eco Home

    Eco build homes are one of our passions here at Bespoke, as more of us turn away from fossil fuels and adopt alternatives the number of eco projects we have taken on has exponentially increased. We’ve utilised an array of sustainable solutions including innovative insulation and alternative energy systems and we’re constantly discovering new and […]

  24. Making the Most of Spring in your Garden

    It’s been a tough old winter for our gardens, but with the days growing longer, the sun shining that little bit brighter and temperatures on the up, there are signs that we’re in for an incredible spring and summer 2018. At Bespoke, we’ve always believed that our gardens are an extension of our homes and, […]

  25. Eco-Friendly Building Material Options for Your Project

    Building your own home is a dream that many of us share, but the realities of it from an eco-perspective? Well, they’re not ideal. On average, the CO2 cost for a new build two-bed two-bath cottage comes in at roughly 80 tonnes. Meanwhile, an existing property of the same size uses around 8.1 tonnes of […]

  26. Choosing your Interior Staircase Design

    When it comes to our homes, there’s so much we can change easily if the mood strikes us. Whether it’s the wallpaper in your bedroom to the stud wall in your kitchen, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from DIY programming over the years, it’s that a home is whatever you make of it. There […]

  27. Passive and Active Solar Gain in an Eco Home

    When it comes to energy, we’re all inclined to think about those energy companies which bill us each month, but there’s only one source which gives life to all things on earth – the sun. Without it, no life could exist and today, we’re better at harvesting that energy than ever before. From the minuscule […]

  28. Caring for your Lawn

    Here in Britain, we put a great deal of love and care into our gardens. Traditionally a key part of home life by sustaining us with food and offering a place to relax, our gardens continue to play a vital role to this day, setting the tone for our homes, relaxing us and offering a […]

  29. Building a Home: All the Contractors You’ll Need

    What does it take to build a home? It’s a question we’re often asked and yet it never fails to catch us off guard. We design and build properties every single day and, as such, we’re immersed in the everyday practicalities of home building. It occurs to us though that most people don’t really know […]

  30. The Hidden Benefits Of Living In An Eco Home

    Over the last 50 years, we’ve all begun to wake up to the elements in our lives which gently shape and form our mood, health and attitudes. Whether it’s what we eat or how we sleep, we’re all beginning to pay more and more attention to the little things which make a big difference throughout […]

  31. A Guide To Securing The Purchase Of A Plot

    One of the biggest challenges you’ll need to overcome before you get can stuck into building your dream home is to secure the purchase of a plot of land. The problem is that competition can be fierce and the best building plots can be hard to find. However, if you’re flexible, keep an open mind […]

  32. A Guide To Micro-topping

    If you’re looking for a solution to repair and renew old, cracked concrete, micro-topping might just be the answer to your prayers. Adding this layer provides an excellent finish for new works, but it’s particularly suited to renovations, saving you from the time, money and effort you’d spend on removing existing tiles or other interior […]

  33. Barn Conversion Checklist: Things To Consider

    Converting an old barn into the house of your dreams is a goal for many self-builders. Not only can these old buildings offer a surplus of airy space, but their unique features provide buckets of character and create a truly individual home. However, the barn conversion dream can quickly turn into a nightmare without a […]

  34. Beautiful Landscaping – What’s The Knack?

    Landscaping, generally, falls into two categories – brilliant and bland. Whilst some spaces create awe, others are little more than set dressing around an otherwise unremarkable property. It’s something of a dark art and whilst there might not be one sure-fire way to ensure your landscaping impresses, there are a number of methods and techniques […]

  35. Why It’s Important To Keep The Historic Character Of A Barn Conversion

    If you have a grand design in mind that includes high ceilings and plenty of space, an old barn can offer the ideal skeleton around which to build your dream home. However, even if you’re after a modern look, it’s important to keep the historic character of a barn conversion and not get so carried […]

  36. Top Home Trends For 2018

    If you’re looking for design inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to update tired interiors or get those exteriors just right, we’ve tracked down the top home trends for 2018 to ensure your property encapsulates just the right amount of contemporary cool. Because if there’s one thing we understand, here at […]

  37. How To Build A House

    Designing your own home is a chance to create a totally unique property, one which suits all your needs and requirements. Bespoke have more than 13 years of experience creating design and build homes in Bristol and the surrounding areas, taking our clients through the entire process, from design and planning to the beautiful moment […]

  38. Building In Winter – How To Keep Your Project On Track In The Colder Months

    Winter may leave most people wishing they could curl up with a good book by the fire, but for those of us ploughing ahead with building plans, the colder season offers no respite. While there are benefits to working through the wintertime, there are also many potential problem areas that could crop up during construction. […]

  39. Incorporating Energy Efficient Methods During The Winter

    Keeping our homes warm is a common worry during the winter months. However, once the sun appears come springtime, the frosty mornings and electric blankets become a thing of the past – as do our plans for improving the insulation of our homes. That is, until next year. Investing in energy efficient methods, such as […]

  40. Top 10 Things To Consider When Self-Building

    Most of us dream of building our own home. Thankfully, whether you’re planning a grand design or want to create a truly unique, family hub, self-building has never been easier. Here are 10 essential tips to help you turn that aspiration into a reality…   Begin with the budget Before you get swept away in […]

  41. Biomass Boilers – The Case For An Eco-Friendly Heating System

    At Bespoke, we’re passionate about eco-friendly building. Yes, there’s often a price saving to be gained (especially if you think long-term) but it’s also a case of our responsibility to our planet, and protecting resources for our children, and children’s children. Self-builders have a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference by installing carefully considered […]

  42. What Is The Right To Build Scheme?

    …..And How Can It Benefit Me? If you’re considering a self-build project, you’ve probably heard about the Right To Build scheme, which came into force in October 2016. However, if you’re not up to speed with this legislation, and you live in England, you should explore it further because there are genuine opportunities out there […]

  43. Brick & Block Or Timber?

    The modern self-builder has a wealth of choices when it comes to the method of building their new home. Do you choose a block & brick build, a traditional timber, or even a flat pack kit home? There’s so many interesting choices on the market, and each one brings with it pros and cons, depending […]

  44. Designing With Storage In Mind

    Modern family living is a busy, chaotic, wondrous thing, ever-changing and evolving – but with growing family members, and changing dynamics, how do you create a home that’s going to look as good in ten years’ time as it does on the day you complete it? One way to build flexibility into your home is […]

  45. Why Should I Use Reclaimed Bricks & Tiles In My Building Project?

    Sustainability is a huge subject, and one that we at Bespoke are passionate about. In this blog, I’ll take a closer look at repurposing bricks and tiles, as well as some of the most important environmental reasons that we should all be considering sustainability throughout the building process. Building your property using beautifully aged tiles […]

  46. Health & Safety In Construction

    All industries and workplaces have regulations and procedures in place to limit the likelihood of accidents and to safeguard staff, clients and the public. But for companies like Bespoke Builders, who operate in construction, adhering to robust health and safety (H&S) practices is absolutely critical – lives literally depend on it. Did you know construction […]

  47. Interior Designers & Why To Hire One

    If you’re planning an extensive renovation or building a brand new home, it’s likely that you are planning to invest a significant amount of money. You’re likely to be re-configuring the layout of an existing building, or creating something brand new from scratch. Whilst you almost certainly will have engaged the services of an architect, […]

  48. Your Guide To Roofing Options

    Embarking on a design and build project? If so, one of the many things you’ll need to decide on – and discuss with your project manager or architect – is your home’s new roof. Seeing as your roof accounts for a huge chunk of the visible exterior, you want to make sure it looks good […]

  49. Bespoke Is Hiring!

    Here’s a great opportunity to join our busy and expanding team. If you’re a talented and efficient Administrative Assistant, particularly with a background in the construction industry, we’d love to hear from you. About Us Bespoke is an award-winning, independently owned local business, based in Bristol. We started in 2004 with 8 people, and today […]

  50. Choosing The Right Style For Your Barn Conversion

    As a barn conversion and renovation specialist, it’s really important to everyone at Bespoke that we preserve the heritage and provenance of the barns we work on. With this in mind, one of the things we talk to clients about right at the beginning of a project is choosing a design and style that achieves […]