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A Guide to Barn Renovations & Conversions

Building The Dream

We’re often asked the same questions: how do you get started with a barn conversion? How do you finance the project? How do you know which barn is a sound investment and how do you budget effectively? We love answering these questions from excited would-be converters, and about a year and a half ago our founder thought he might try writing down some of the answers..

Daniel says: “Barn conversions are my passion, and it’s one that everyone at Bespoke also shares. In writing this book, I want to help people turn their dreams into reality. This book is not a manual, it’s not even a how-to guide, because there are so many ways to go about creating your perfect barn. Instead, I like to think of it as a starting point, an ethos, an insight into approaching a project the Bespoke way.”

Our Experience

About Bespoke and Daniel Arathoon

As a multi-award winning bespoke, high-end residential construction company, the team at Bespoke have had the pleasure of working on numerous barn conversions of all different shapes and sizes, in different parts of the UK. This has enabled us to have the most pleasurable job – creating beautiful, breathtaking dwellings and working on a daily basis with some of the most gifted, experienced and skilled craftsmen we believe this industry has to offer.

Daniel Arathoon is Bespoke’s founder and author of ‘Building The Dream: A Guide To Barn Renovations and Conversions’. Daniel is an expert in his field, and has a wealth of experience working on barn conversions and residential new build homes.

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A self-published book by Daniel Arathoon

‘Building the Dream: A Guide To Barn Renovations & Conversions’ is a holistic look at the journey of creating your dream home; it highlights things you need to think about at each stage – choosing your barn, the planning process, financial considerations, and every aspect of the build right up to how to care for your new home once you’ve moved in.

We hope you’ll find it an interesting and encouraging read, and that our passion for this quirky, unique, difficult, exhilarating, charming aspect of the industry will inspire you to get started.

If you want to start building your own dream, you can find the link to order a copy of the book via Amazon here.

If you’d rather pick up your book in person, you can also pop in to see us at Bespoke and collect your copy – please give us a call to arrange a time. Happy reading!