Why Build in Chepstow?

Why Build in Chepstow?

For those looking to make the move to Bristol, one of the fastest growing and vibrant cities in the UK, there are a number of issues to consider. Finding the right job is key, of course, but finding affordable housing? That’s the real sticking point.

The average house price in Bristol is roughly £80,000 more expensive than the national average, according to Rightmove, sitting at £311,333 as of time of writing. Land, meanwhile, is also prohibitively expensive in most cases thanks to strong demand.

It’s an issue which has forced many to consider alternatives to living in the heart of Bristol and, increasingly, look over the river to the stunning Welsh town of Chepstow.

With a population just north of 12,400, a spectacular castle which is believed to be the oldest standing stone example in the country, superb links to nearby cities and every vital amenity you might demand, Chepstow makes for an intriguing option for those looking to live close to Bristol.

But why would you choose to build in Chepstow?



A huge advantage of Chepstow is the simple fact that a commute to central Bristol from Chepstow takes as little as half an hour. Crossing the bridge, you’ll find yourself in England within minutes. Or, if you prefer not to drive, regular bus and rail services take just over an hour each way.



What makes Chepstow’s proximity to Bristol so remarkable is, quite simply, just how affordable land and housing is there. In a time when Bristol has grown prohibitively expensive, Chepstow has remained quite reasonable. Average prices for property in the area come out at £255,126, over £60,000 cheaper than in nearby Bristol.

Land in and around Chepstow is significantly cheaper too, with more plots with more space for less money, making the location an ideal one for those looking to make the most of their money with a spectacular new-build home.

That’s before you get to the savings to be made in your cost of living. Thanks to the recent closure of the Severn toll road, travel across the river is now free and with everything from pints to pies coming out cheaper in Chepstow, you’ve got plenty of reasons to choose the town.


Quality of Life

A beautiful bespoke home is more than enough to convince most people to make a move, however, to truly be happy in an area you need to enjoy a high standard of living. Chepstow offers just that.

Far from the hustle, bustle and pollution of a major city like Bristol, Chepstow is a quiet, relaxing town that provides everything a family might need to thrive. From attractions like Chepstow Castle to the Wye Valley Walk, Chepstow Racecourse and a charming, historic town centre, there’s so much to see and do in Chepstow.

All of this in an affordable location with tremendous links to nearby Bristol. Not bad, ey?


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