Top Home Design Trends for 2019

Top Home Design Trends for 2019

All of us have a notion in mind for what our dream home might look like, but when it comes to making that home, we all need just a little design inspiration to get us over the line. 2018 proved to be a tremendous year for design, but what does 2019 have in store for home design?

We’ve taken the temperature of the industry and pulled together the trends which will revolutionise your interiors, inform your exteriors and bring your home right to the bleeding edge of modern home design this year.

Ready? Let’s get started.

  1. Bold wallpaper
    Old fashioned ‘feature walls’ where you let your creativity fly have been popular for a number of years now, but 2019 is the year in which you should truly embrace your design instincts. Big, bold patterned wallpaper lends a room an instant sense of style, ditching tired old white spaces for fun, playful rooms which exude joy.
  2. Sustainability
    Sustainable design is firmly in for 2019, with a focus not on filling a space with as much mass-produced material as possible but instead focussing on handmade, beautiful and sustainably made objects which add cohesion to a space.
  3. Plant-life
    Plants and plant-products like wood will play a huge role in defining 2019’s interior design trends, with natural, beautiful and living plant life taking an increasingly important role. Add gorgeous plants to your home and see how your spaces come to life.
  4. Four-poster beds
    For years, bed design has been as staid as can be. This year, however, we’re looking back to help define the future. The return of the four-poster bed provides a sense of grandeur and occasion to a space, with plenty of comfort to boot.
  5. Dark exteriors
    There’s been a huge jump in the number of homes that eschew traditional white, cream and red house colours for darker, brooding colours. Black, blues and grey colour schemes for the exterior of homes have gained traction amongst designers, and we can expect to see this trend continue well into 2019 and beyond.
  6. Discrete technology
    Technology has come to dominate our living spaces, with everything from games consoles to smart speakers littering our homes. 2019 and beyond will see the expansion of discrete technologies, like televisions which roll up and disappear into a stylish base, the likes of which were teased at CES late last year by LG. Other examples are Samsung’s ‘Frame’ televisions, which when in sleep mode resemble beautiful art, rather than technology.
  7. Concrete
    Polished concrete has been a favourite amongst designers for some time, but 2019 is the year in which the material finally breaks through to the mainstream. Exceptionally beautiful, eco-friendly and hardwearing, concrete as a material choice around the home is set to have a very big year indeed.
  8. Warm design
    Choosing darker, warmer colours for the home will become a definite trend by the close of 2019 as the move away from Scandinavian design continues apace. Whether it’s a dark blue kitchen, a burnt orange bathroom or simply a dark kitchen countertop, you’ll find warmer and darker colours bring new dimensions to your home.

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