Smart Ways to Keep a Home Warm

Smart Ways to Keep a Home Warm

Winter is just around the corner and here in the UK things are getting rather cold indeed.

Historically, British homes offered little insulation from the outside world, relying on wood-burning stoves for heat – if you could afford one. Today, the situation is different, though no less flawed. When the temperature drops, we simply turn up the central heating and pray that the next energy bill isn’t of the ‘financial doom’ sort.

Studies have found that we tend to switch on our central heating in October and leave it on until April, resulting in a huge amount of energy being consumed across the country.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you that there’s are smarter ways to beat the winter chill. In fact, there are loads of clever, innovative ways to keep your home warm not only this winter but for all the winters to come.

Here are a few of our favourites:


Invest in your Windows

A typical house loses around 10% of its heat through its windows, so investing a little time into maintaining them is a smart move.

Although the majority of heat loss occurs through radiation through the glazing, air leakage is a huge concern also – especially in older windows and single-glazed panels – and can be dealt with without the help of a specialist. Just wait for a cold day and slowly run your hands around your windows. If air is coming through, look to plug the gap with new plaster, wood-filler or even tape, if you’re short of supplies.


Reconfigure your Living Room

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen living spaces where the furniture is pushed right up against the radiators in the room. The logic seems sound at first – you want your sofas to be warm, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. By blocking your radiators with furniture, you limit their ability to heat the room, which results in lower overall temperatures. Instead, consider moving your furniture away from your radiators and release the heat being wasted on the back of your sofa.


Maximise Insulation

Insulation is at the heart of the modern eco home, the likes of which we’re proud to design for our clients. Why? Around 25% of your heat is lost through your roof alone, whilst yet more is lost through floors and walls.

The latter two issues aren’t quick fixes, but roof insulation is achievable for most of us. If your home doesn’t have roof insulation, consider investing in eco-friendly roof insulation. It’s affordable and, well, you’ll certainly notice a 25% increase in heat retention.


Go Thermostatic

Central heating is getting smarter thanks to the launch of smart meters and advanced thermostats, so there’s little reason to still be stuck in the dark ages.

Invest in thermostatic radiator valves and you’ll be able to set individual temperatures for each room, which means not heating rooms unless they need to be heated and overall savings on your energy bill. It’s a smart, functional way to improve your central heating system that you shouldn’t pass over.