2019’s Home Design Trends

2019’s Home Design Trends

Whisper it quietly, but 2019 is almost here. Yes, we’ve made it to December, and winter is beginning to settle in once again. It’s been a remarkable year for architectural and interior design, with huge white voids giving way to more intimate, ecologically minded designs that foreground the comfort and intimacy of home.

It’s been wonderful to see, but with a new year on the horizon and new design trends bubbling up beneath the surface, could we be in line for another major shift? We’ve been speaking to designers and consulting with architects to catch a glimpse of what could be 2019’s design trends.

So, let’s get started.


Interior Design

The early 00s obsession with pale walls, Scandinavian simplicity and neutral tones lives on to this day, and 2019 likely won’t signal the end of that. It will, however, continue the trend of breaking up that neutral base with bold, exciting colours and textures.

Slowly but surely, interior design is growing more personal as customers grow savvy to the value of bespoke, handcrafted design elements within their home. Not only do these elements – an artisanal light shade here, a handmade coffee table there – make the home a more beautiful place, they create a distinction between your home and others, something that’s very valuable should you be considering a sale.

That focus on smaller, individual elements speaks to a broader push towards bohemian styling within the home once more. Although far from the powerhouse interior design movement it once was, boho styling remains relevant and is set to return to popularity with homes foregrounding exciting design ahead of formal layout conventions.

‘Informality’ is the watchword for 2019 with an ‘anything goes’ approach expected as designers shake off the long legacy of neutral design.


Architectural Design

Home design has, traditionally, not been the space where architects truly get to stretch their legs. However, with global CO2 emissions continuing to rise, a housing crisis to contend with and less space in cities for innovative developments, interest in home design has risen sharply.

Largely, that interest has been around the ‘home of the future’ – the eco home. 2019 is the year of the eco-home as designers utilise established techniques and materials to construct homes which not only have a minimal impact on the environment during construction, but have a diminished reliance on gas and electricity from the grid, relying instead on alternative fuel methods and Passivhaus philosophies.

This abandoning of traditional homebuilding techniques and design will enable architects to explore the notion of the home with greater freedom, adapting living spaces to be multi-use, enabling smaller homes designed to solve housing issues in areas with little space.

As evident by the astonishing vertical forest in Milan, architecture in 2019 will continue the ‘greening’ of homes and commercial buildings. Although not all buildings are destined to be covered toe-to-tip with plant life, living roofs are attainable for many homes and provide a vital habitat, as well as natural insulation.

It’s the sort of architectural flourish you’ll see grow in popularity throughout 2019 – pun firmly intended.