How to Pull off Contemporary Vintage Interior Design

How to Pull off Contemporary Vintage Interior Design

When you’re creating the perfect home, there’s no shortage of plates to keep spinning. From the landscaping which surrounds your house to the interior architecture which determines the flow, movement and logic of your interior spaces, there’s much to keep in mind if you want a truly remarkable home.

Many of those elements are fixed, but some aren’t – like your interior design. It’s simple enough at any point to swap in new pieces of furniture, apply a fresh coat of paint and rearrange your living spaces. Getting it right though? That’s the tricky part.

Historically, home design was either one of two things – modern or retro. You were either buying into the very latest trends or evoking a previous era. These days, things are a little different.

Our pick’n’mix culture means that we’re more eclectic than ever in our tastes, able to mix choice pieces from the past and present with relative ease.

Best of all, these ‘contemporary vintage’ interior designs suit properties both old and new, blending the space-highlighting nature of modern interior design with the characterful nature of vintage interiors.

But how can you pull off a contemporary vintage design in your home? Read on for our top tips:


Start with a Modern Base

Modern interior design emphasises light, bright tones. Not only does this make rooms feel bigger, it better emphasises the vintage design elements you incorporate throughout your home.

If you’ve ever seen a modern piece of furniture in a stately home, you’ll understand that starting with a bright, clean and modern base is the smart choice.


Buy Quality Vintage Objects

Whatever era you’re pulling from, whether it’s Victorian or 60s, the emphasis should always be on quality. Great craftsmanship and design always look good, so don’t look to save money in this area.

Look for objects with real weight to them and for objects which are in good condition. A little rust can look appealing in the right environment, but an object that’s clearly reached the end of its life will only serve to reduce the overall impact of your design.


Make your Vintage Elements Central

The vintage elements of your design are key to the overall cohesion of the look you’re shooting for, so don’t hide them away – make them central to your design.

By using vintage furniture and design as a focal point in the room, you highlight their importance and draw visitors’ eyes to them. For this reason, large pieces of vintage furniture, like sofas and tables make for excellent choices in a contemporary vintage living space.


Don’t be Afraid of Patterns

One of the great joys of vintage design is that, often, they utilised big, bold patterns. It’s a style that was lost as we entered the modern era, but it’s back in a big way now.

So, don’t be afraid to mix in patterns with your block, neutral colours. Whether it’s a pair of luxurious, arts-and-crafts inspired curtains or a thick, Persian rug – you’ll be delighted by the effect that a bold pattern can have in an otherwise neutral space.