What to Look for in a New Build Plot

What to Look for in a New Build Plot

Landing that perfect plot of land is the crucial first step in every home building journey, whether you’re planning an intimate country retreat or a cutting-edge inner-city home.

It’s also, unfortunately, one of the hardest parts of the entire process. Unlike buying an existing home where things like the size of the garden, location and access are pre-determined, a self-build property asks you to make those choices yourself – often before the first spade enters the ground.

As such, it’s important that you’re completely satisfied with your plot before you purchase.

In a previous guide, we covered how to find the perfect plot of land, but what should you be looking out for in that plot of land? That’s the topic we’ll tackle in this guide. Let’s get started:

A Plot Large Enough for your Needs

It’s perhaps an obvious point, but whilst location will play a significant role in your decision making, finding a plot that’s large enough for your needs is utterly vital.

With your designs to hand, measure out the floor plan of your proposed building and determine whether the plot is suitable for your needs. Want a large garden? How about space to park your cars? A garage? These are all things to factor in when you’re measuring out a plot of land.

A Plot with Planning Permission (of Some Kind)

A gorgeous setting might instantly appeal, but look closely at the land being offered to you. If it lacks any kind of planning permission, either outline of full-planning permission, there’s a good chance it lacks it for a reason – namely, the fact it can’t get any.

For first-time self-builders, it’s not recommended that you opt for a piece of land without some form of planning permission. Do note, however, that all planning permissions have conditions of some kind and it pays to read closely what these conditions are, as they can limit the scope of your project.

A Plot Which Finds the Balance Between Location and Practicality

Location, location, location – at least, that’s what they say. A beautiful location can dramatically increase the value of your completed home and bring no end of satisfaction. However, the practicalities of building a home need to be weighed against your chosen location.

Aspects like site access, which determines how easily contractors can get themselves and their materials to the site, are vital. Indeed, services in the area are important too.

If your site doesn’t have easy nearby access to things like water, plumbing, electricity and gas you’ll be forced to either connect those yourself (at considerable cost) or make alternative arrangements, like using gas-canisters and cisterns.

Finding the right balance between a practical site and one with the location you dream of isn’t easy, but it will help facilitate a less painful construction process.

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