Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

Landscaping Tips for Busy Homeowners

We Brits love our gardens, but there’s little denying that between our busy lives and the seasons, we don’t often find the time to care for them as we should.

Life, as it turns out, is just a touch too hectic to support the round-the-clock garden maintenance required to land you on the front cover of Gardeners’ World magazine.

Instead, we do bits and pieces when we can and try to stay on top of weeds so that when it comes time to entertain or relax, we don’t feel as though we’re camped in a jungle.

What you might not know though is that it’s possible to have a beautiful garden without hundreds of hours of back-breaking labour. In fact, with just a few quick landscaping tricks, you can enjoy a stunning, easy to maintain garden that stays looking great throughout the year.

It might sound like magic, but it really isn’t – it’s just a little elbow grease now for an easy life later.

So, here are our top landscaping tips for busy homeowners.


Plant Perennials

It’s easy enough to get your garden looking amazing for one year, but by the time the following year rolls around, much of that work needs to be done again. It’s the sort of frustration which leads many to abandon their garden dreams in the second or third year.

However, if you plant perennials, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour year after year. English garden classics like lavender, chrysanthemum, lily of the valley and violets go well in any garden and add bursts of beautiful colour and fragrance that flower year after year.

Bar a little pruning here and there, they’ll look after themselves – ideal for the busy homeowner.


Go for Gravel

Mulch is a busy gardener’s best friend as it reduces your need to both water and weed your plant beds, but whilst organic mulch requires replacing when it breaks down, gravel won’t. What it does do, however, is pretty much the same job.


Install Trellises

Installing trellises in your garden is not only a quick way to add visual intrigue and break up the ocean of brick and greenery, but it’ll also improve year on year. Pair them with evergreen climbers like bluebell creepers, clemantis armandii or tachelospermum jasminoides for vertical beauty.


Invest in Irrigation

Watering your plants and lawn is essential to the health of your garden, but it can be a time-consuming task, not to mention the regularity which you’re required to do it. For us busy homeowners, it makes sense then to ditch the manual watering and instead invest in an irrigation system.

We’re not talking about an industrial, subterranean watering system here, simply an off the shelf, consumer level watering system that can make sure your plants get the love and care they deserve.

It’s a simple change that can dramatically improve the health of your garden, and prices are lower than you might think.


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