Crafting an Incredible Eco Home in Rural Gloucestershire

Crafting an Incredible Eco Home in Rural Gloucestershire

At Bespoke Builders, our favourite projects those in which our passions line up perfectly with those of our clients. It’s when creativity is at its peak and excitement about the direction a property is taking is amplified.

For us, those moments happen when we’re working on eco-homes and, over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work on dozens of projects with thoughtful, forward-thinking eco-design at their very heart.

One such project was a thrilling eco build in North Nibley in rural Gloucestershire.

It was to be built in a truly idyllic setting – nestled in a beautiful valley – and was spearheaded by a truly terrific client who drove us to work with incredible, ground-breaking materials and make unique choices.

What really made the project though was the client, who was incredibly brave and experimental in the details and features that she chose. The project was a life-long passion for her and so, when she came to us for help bringing her dream to life, we were only too delighted to help.

The project took eco-design to its very heart, with reclaimed kitchen units, underfloor heating and hyper-local materials all making appearances throughout the property. More than anything else though, the project stands as a fantastic example of how novel choices can create not only a beautiful home to look at and live in but a home that’s kind to the environment too.

Here are a few of the choices our client took to build a beautiful eco-home:


Installing a Standing Seam Roof

In Britain, our roofing choices have always been a little predictable. We went from thatched roof designs to roof shingles and, frankly, never really examined the issue again.

The trouble with shingle roof designs though is that gaps can appear, leading to water ingress and a hit to the thermal retention profile of your home – not to mention the ongoing costs of repair that they demand.

It’s why this particular client opted instead for a standing seam roof. Rather than using tiles, a standing seam roof is constructed from vertical panels which are connected together with a thin seam.

Not only did this look particularly beautiful amongst the striking modern lines of her design, but it also protects against thermal expansion and will prove exceptionally hardwearing, with decades of effective operation ahead of it.


Cladding the Home in Accoya

When it comes to exterior cladding, there’s no shortage of materials available. However, with eco-friendliness in mind, this particular client opted for Accoya – a less common alternative to traditional pine or cladding.

Sourced from fast-growing, sustainable forests, Accoya is a gorgeous, eco-friendly finish which not only stays beautiful for decades but is easily recycled at the end of its lifespan, further extending its usefulness.


Opting for Internorm Windows

Not all windows are created equal, and when you’re on the quest for the ideal eco-home, there’s no denying the value of the right set of windows.

Internorm windows are gorgeous, contemporary windows that are available in almost any shape, size and configuration that you can imagine, with triple-glazing a particular speciality. They offer exceptional thermal retention, to help retain and regulate internal heat.

It’s a luxurious choice, certainly, but it highlights the way in which eco-friendliness allows for high-end, high-quality finishes.