Finding a Plot for your New Build

Finding a Plot for your New Build

No matter whether you’re dreaming of a building mansion or a bungalow,  the first step for every single one of us is the same – finding a suitable plot of land.

It’s easy to forget, but the land on which our property is located determines a huge amount about our homes themselves. Your plot will place practical limitations on the scope of your home, pose questions about your access to utilities, help or hinder your chances of landing a mortgage and even determine the value of your property upon completion.

Clearly then, landing the right plot of land is vitally important, but if you don’t already have a plot of land, where do you find one?

There are countless options online for finding plots of land, but as yet there’s no one-stop-shop for the job. Here’s how to find a plot of land.


Be Patient

Before you get started, be aware that – like finding an existing property – the journey might take longer than you initially hoped.

Sourcing, bidding and completing on a plot of land can take a significant amount of time and effort. There’s an awful lot of elements which need to be right for you to make a move for a plot of land, so don’t skimp on the research.

New plots will also appear daily, so keeping an open mind and expanding your options a little is recommended.


Search the Internet

The internet has transformed the way we research and buy property, so why should land be any different? There are a number of specialist ‘plot finding’ websites available, including the likes of PlotBrowser. and PlotSearch.

You’ll find that some plots are listed on more than one website, whilst others are exclusive to one or the other. Besides those specialist websites, plots are often listed on the big name, general property websites like Rightmove, PrimeLocation and Zoopla.

But those aren’t your only options, there’s the GLA database of land for sale and a list of public land for sale by the Homes and Communities Agency, too.

If you’re looking for land in the south west of England, one of the best options for those looking for land with planning consent or the potential for residential is The Land Bank Partnership.


Go Old School

With much of the land scouting activity taking place online, you can steal a march by going old school and doing a little footwork yourself to find some exceptional plots of land. Here are a few ideas to help you source your ideal plot:

  • Source local newspapers from the areas you’re interested in and scour the back pages for land opportunities.
  • Speak to agents and architects, offering a finder’s fee if they discover a suitable piece of land for you.
  • Speak to local planning offices for plots where permissions have been granted but not started.
  • Visit property auctions and get information about forthcoming auctions for land.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have plenty of ammunition with which to begin your search. Just remember: be patient, your perfect plot is out there and when you find it, we’re here to help build your dream home.