Decking Preservation: Our Top Tips

Decking Preservation: Our Top Tips

Here in Britain, there’s nothing which gives us joy quite like our gardens. They’re where we entertain, where we pour endless hours planting and pruning and where we enjoy the intersection between property and mother nature.

For millions of us, that means installing beautiful, hardwearing decking. It’s a smart choice, protecting your lawn whilst providing an attractive and stable base for garden furniture, barbeques and, well, anything else you might have in mind.

The harsh reality though is that our decking takes a real beating throughout the year. Everything from blistering heat to inches of snow is thrown at your decking over the course of an average twelve months, and that’s before we get to the effects of regular usage.

Decking isn’t cheap though, so it behoves each of us to care for and look after our decking. Luckily, here at Bespoke, we know a thing or two about decking preservation. Here are our top tips:


  • Opt for Decking Oil – There’s a seemingly endless debate over whether decking stain or decking oil is best, but for our money decking oil is the smarter choice. It soaks into the wood providing UV protection, waterproofing and protection from mould and algae. It also has the added benefit of making your wood decking look amazing. Result!


  • Sweep Regularly – Dirt builds up easily outside, so breaking out a stiff brush regularly to keep your decking clear is a smart decision. The same goes for snow, which should be shovelled off when it begins to accumulate.


  • Suspend Plants – Plants on your decking can look wonderful, but their pots can trap dirt and moisture beneath them, leading to rot. You don’t need to keep your decking clear of plants though, just place bricks or blocks underneath them to allow rain to and your hose pipe to clean underneath.


  • Keep on Top of Repairs – If a piece of your decking begins to fail, don’t let it compromise the rest of your deck. Make repairs as quickly as you can to stop further damage. This is especially true if a portion of your deck begins to rot, as this will spread throughout your deck quickly.


  • Re-oil your Decking Periodically – Once oiled correctly, your decking can go years without it requiring another coat. However, every two to three years it will need a new layer applied. We’d recommend hiring a professional cleaning firm to give your deck a deep clean before you reapply your oil.


  • Trim Overhanging Branches – Trees drop all sorts of things onto the ground underneath them. Whether it’s bird droppings, leaves or sap, anything that can fall from a tree onto your decking is something you should try to avoid. By trimming any overhanging branches you’ll lose a little sun cover, but you’ll help protect your deck from damage.


  • Tend to Hidden Decking – Not all of your decking will be visible, as much of it will be covered with furniture. It’s easy to forget about the decking you can’t see, but keeping on top of the basic maintenance of this timber is vitally important. Always make sure that when you’re cleaning your decking, you make sure you get at the hidden timber.