The Country House Interior Design Trends We Love

The Country House Interior Design Trends We Love

Decorating any home beautifully is more than merely throwing your old furniture about the place and splashing a little neutral paint on the walls – it’s about understanding what makes a home beautiful, where its charm lies and where you can combine sympathetic design with cutting-edge style.

At Bespoke, we know what it takes to design and build a beautiful custom home, but we like to think we’ve got our ear to the ground when it comes to the latest interior design trends too.

Country homes have their own stylistic demands, distinct from inner-city homes and those located along the coast.

There’s a need to nod towards the rustic, the simple and the beautiful. Arching pillars of glass and steel simply don’t sit well in the country home like they might in a city pad, so what are the design trends we’re loving for country homes in 2018/19? Well, read on to find out.


Warm Colour Palates

The very best country homes sit effortlessly in their environment, reflecting the changing seasons around them and enhancing the exceptional natural beauty of their surroundings. It’s for this reason that bold, unnatural colours have never truly found a home in country houses.

It’s a trend which has been reinforced this year as warm colour palates have become the go-to paint choice for country homes.

Warm yellows, burnt oranges and rich reds have become staple wall coverings in the last few months as country homeowners shun neutral tones.


Natural Textures

Whilst the world around us seems to grow sleeker and more modern with each passing minute, country house design is looking backwards to a time where the things we owner were well worn, comfortably designed and crafted by hand.

Natural textures are in, with oodles of thick knitted blankets, rich wooden furniture and simple, classic country elegance making waves once again. It can be as simple as opting for wooden accessories around your home, picking woodland inspired motifs on your patterns or fitting a rougher, more natural carpet.


Metallic Highlights

Metal might not be something that you naturally associate with the countryside, but take a minute to look around and you’ll realise that simple, functional metals are an integral aspect of what makes the countryside so beautiful.

From the metal gates which keep livestock from the roads to the tools and machinery which ensure the continued success of Britain’s farming industry, metals are found all over the countryside.

Its why metallic tones sit so well alongside the natural, earthy and warm tones described elsewhere in this article. Furnish your home with sprinklings of metallic tones, whether that’s copper pans hanging in your kitchen, bronze cushions on your sofa or silver decorations around your fireplace, there’s a whole world of beautiful metallics which can contribute to your dream country home.

Of course, your country home is your own and the most beautiful home is the one that your heart is in, so design to your taste first and foremost.