Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

Having a beautiful home is about more than mere architecture. It’s about situating your home within the world that surrounds it, positioning it sympathetically in its environment and ensuring that nature can thrive alongside your property, rather than in spite of it.

With housing demands at an all-time high and our amazing countryside being squeezed ever further, the natural habitats for our native animals are shrinking, threatening the rich wildlife that the UK enjoys.

There are countless ways to help protect and nourish the environment as a homeowner, like building with eco-home principles in mind, but how can you help your local wildlife thrive in a more direct manner?

By making your garden a haven for that wildlife, of course. Here are our top tips for attracting wildlife to your garden.


Invest in Bird Boxes

With the deforestation of England, comfortable places for native birds to nest have grown less and less common. It’s why buying or building bird boxes is so vital.

Different varieties of bird favour different types of box, so do your research, but always ensure that the boxes are sheltered from the elements and that they’re installed before spring so as to get set up before breeding season.


Go Wild

Manicured lawns have been the fashion for centuries, but short grass and orderly beds of flowers don’t make for an ideal habitat for wildlife.

That’s why leaving an area of your garden ‘wild’ is a smart idea, provided you have space. By letting grass grow, sowing wildflowers and leaving piles of dead wood you’ll invite shrews, voles and hedgehogs to your garden, alongside the likes of butterflies and bees.


Grow a Hedge

Hedges are a great British tradition, offering shelter from prying eyes and a handsome boundary ‘wall’ to separate our property from our neighbours. However, they also play a vital role in attracting and protecting local wildlife.

Birds and small mammals retreat to hedges for protection, so you’ve got no reason not to grow that luxurious hedge you’ve been dreaming of.


Build a Bird Paradise

It’s more than a place to nest that birds require, so why not cater to their every need?

A birdbath will provide a crucial source of drinkable water for local birds and a bird feeder situated near a hedge for protection will offer the necessary energy that they’ll need to thrive. If placed correctly and regularly filled, your bird paradise will find plenty of fans.


Create a Water Feature

There’s more to Britain’s wildlife than just birds, bees and small mammals though, and creating a water feature is a gorgeous way to help our other wildlife thrive too.

Whether you build a small pond or a larger body of water in your garden, a water feature in your garden is incredibly valuable in attracting wildlife into your garden. Frogs, dragonflies, newts, mayflies, hoverflies, dragonflies, pond skaters and water beetles are all common sights in and around the British pond and, when combined with fish, make for an attractive proposition for any garden.