How to Keep your House Cool During the Summer

How to Keep your House Cool During the Summer

Summer is here and, frankly, it’s probably just a little too warm for us here at Bespoke Builders towers. Of course, the weather is a beautiful break from Britain’s oft-derided rain-soaked climate, but it makes living inside our homes somewhat more difficult as we lean on fans, open windows and blackout curtains to keep the temperature within our properties down.

Whilst many countries build new homes with air-conditioning systems in place, here in the UK we rarely require their services.

So, with no built-in way to instantly cool our properties, what can you do to cool your home? Here’s our guide to keeping your home cool:


  • Shade your windows – The temperature in our homes is affected dramatically by the sun streaming through our windows and, during summer, the sun is at its highest and hottest. It makes regulating the temperature within your home difficult, but it can be mitigated without having to draw the curtains. Why not install an overhang above your windows on the south-siding windows on your property? This will stop the sun streaming in during summer but allow the low-sun of winter to warm your house.


  • Opt for high U-value glass – Not all windows are created alike and, in fact, you can tailor your window purchases to manage the internal temperature in your home. It’s a fact we often remind our clients of during the design & build phases of our projects. Put simply, every pane of glass has a U-value. The higher the U-value of the glass you use, the greater the glass’ resistance to heat flow and the better it is at insulating. Windows which will see more sun throughout the year should have higher U-values, in order to reduce the heat transmission from outside to indoors.


  • Insulate well – We know what you’re thinking – doesn’t insulation keep a property warm? You’re right, it does, but it also keeps your home cool in summer by insulating it from the heat outside. There are dozens of guides to great insulation, so we won’t go into it here, but take it from us when we stress just how vital insulation is to the modern property.


  • Go efficient – Energy-efficient electronics have come a long, long way in a short time, helping everyone save money and the environment. But did you know that energy efficient electronics also produce less heat? So, switch out those old light bulbs for LED models and bask in the bright, cold light of an energy efficient bulb.


  • Make use of thermal masses – Thermal masses like exposed brickwork, plaster walls, slate floors and more in your home are vital for keeping your house cool. They work by absorbing heat during the day and gently releasing it during the evening, helping to lower your interior temperature during the day and increase the temperature at night when the heat levels drop outside.


By following these tips when designing or renovating your home, you can help keep your property cool during the summer, warm during the winter and effortlessly comfortable throughout the year. Not bad, ey?