Innovative Ways to Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Innovative Ways to Make a Home Eco-Friendly

When it comes to helping reduce our eco-footprint, there are dozens of little things we can do. Whether it’s pivoting away from plastic bags and other single-use plastics or switching to an electric vehicle, we’re all making changes to help the environment.

However, one the biggest impacts we have on the environment isn’t from our purchases, but from our properties. There are currently over 27 million homes in the UK producing an average of 8.1 tonnes of CO2 each, and as such, there’s a huge demand for eco-housing solutions.

At Bespoke Builders, we believe in building incredible, beautifully crafted eco-homes, but whilst newly-built homes with eco-conscious design at their heart will often out-perform retrofitted properties, there are increasingly exciting and innovative ways to bring eco-friendly technologies and design to any property.

Here are some of the most exciting ways:

Ground source heat pumps

Our energy usage is a huge contributor to the CO2 output of our properties, and so reducing our need for fossil-fuel generated heat is essential.

One increasingly popular way to do just that is to install a ground source heat pump. In place at the homes of everyone from George W. Bush, the Queen of England, Sir Elton John, and Sir Richard Branson, ground source heat pumps make a huge amount of sense for many properties and can be retrofitted to almost any property.

First, pipe is laid under the soil at your property, low enough so that it isn’t affected by the weather outside and able to benefit from the naturally higher temperatures found under the ground. Then, a mixture of water and anti-freeze is pumped around the pipes, heating the mixture which is then fed back into the property where it can be used to heat water, radiators or under-floor heating.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says a ‘typical’ ground source heat pump could save you up to £1,200 a year, so it’s very much worth investigating whether your property could suit it.

Biomass heaters

If a ground source heat pump isn’t suitable for your property, another potential route is to install a biomass heater. Unlike traditional heaters, biomass heaters don’t use oil or gas, but instead use recycled wood pellets for a much cleaner, greener form of central heating which won’t require you to make serious modifications to your garden.

Solar power

Solar power has been around for a long while now. In fact, you probably know a few people who have installed solar powered energy generation and water heating panels yourself. However, the latest generation of solar power is better than ever before.

Boasting higher efficiency ratings alongside lower overall costs, there’s never been a better time to install solar panels at your property. They offer a quick, simple and effective way to power the electronic items in your home and, should you install water-heating panels, an eco-friendly way to shower in the morning!

Best of all, when paired with a ground source heat pump you can often totally abstract yourself from toxic energy companies, saving yourself plenty as you save the environment.