Water Feature Ideas 2018

Water Feature Ideas 2018

Throughout all of human evolution, being close to running water has been the safest, most desirable place to be. In early humans, it meant that drinkable water was plentiful, that we could clean our food and that we could feed and raise livestock.

Whilst water might be readily available today, we’ve kept that clear desire for proximity to water, visible in the calming effect that being by water has on us and the amazing price premium you pay for land and property which sits alongside water.

It’s also why so many of us install water features in our home. Whether it’s a cherub endlessly spitting water into our pond or something a little more ambitious, water features remain a popular choice for homeowners across the world.

But it’s 2018, and your nan’s water feature just isn’t cutting it anymore. But what are the innovative water feature ideas you can deploy in your bespoke property? Here are a few of our favourites:


Water Walls

Flowing water is inherently relaxing, but there’s just nothing quite like seeing water flow down a window during a heavy storm. Those sheets of water create fascinating patterns and captivate in much the same way that the flickering flames of a roaring fire do.

There’s no need to wait for rain though because, with a water wall, there’s always flowing water in your home. Water walls come in any number of possible shapes and sizes and can be made from glass, ceramic, stone or even wood, if properly treated.

What unites water walls though is the fact their beauty, with stunning, endlessly flowing water rolling down their face to create a sensory delight in your home. Best of all, because they don’t project water outwards, they’re suitable for both interior and exterior use.


Garden Lakes

The pond is a great British tradition, but their familiar kidney shapes have grown tired in 2018.

It’s why more and more homes with the available space are giving up large portions of their gardens to vast ponds which mimic nature more closely than before. With the right landscaping, these features become beautiful places to relax by as you watch the Koi fish move between lotuses and water lilies in your stunning garden.



Waterfalls have always been a part of garden feature tradition in some form or another, but in 2018 they’re more audacious than ever before.

We’re increasingly seeing waterfalls introduced as part of the very architecture of the property, with waterfalls flowing from the roofline, out over the edge of the property and down into a pond below, creating untold levels of drama as well as a relaxing focal point.

In a smaller scale, waterfalls are making a major comeback around the property, as witnessed in the popularity of ‘waterfall’ taps and a diverse range of new waterfall-inspired features hitting the market. So, there’s no better time to introduce a waterfall to your property. Beautiful both indoor or out, they add much-needed flair to a property and can scale to suit any size of home.