Summer Colours to Brighten up your new House

Summer Colours to Brighten up your new House

With copious amounts of sunshine on offer, we’re enjoying the very best of Britain’s glorious landscape and marvelling in the wonderful diversity of architecture on offer.

Whilst the sun may be shining outside, you might not know it from inside your home. In fact, without looking out of the window, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between your property in winter and your property in summer.

It can lead to our homes feeling stale and disconnected from the world outside, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, your home can hold up a mirror to the splendour of the summer months and bring that same sense of colour, movement and excitement that’s so associated with the spring and summer seasons.

Here are the biggest summer colour trends for 2018:

Natural tones

Summer is all about nature, so it stands to reason that natural tones would make a big comeback this year. Gentle purples, pinks, lavenders, teals and greens have begun appearing in greater quantities on shop shelves and these new tones are a stunning addition to any home.

These gentle colours make for an exceptional addition to any space, equally suited to feature walls as they are for entire rooms. Our personal recommendation is to look at the paint in your bathrooms and kitchens. Often over-infused with creams and blues, these rooms can become beautiful, vibrant places to be with just a lick of the right paint.

Pastel paints

Pastels are huge right now, dominating fashion lines and design schools the world over, but the influence of these ice-cream colours doesn’t stop there – because they’re finding their way into the home too.

Beautiful pastel pinks, baby blues and creamed oranges aren’t the sorts of things you want to put on every surface in your home, but they can be used to brilliant effect when used sparingly. Consider breaking out the pastel paint to apply a new surface to old wooden furnishings – there’s nothing quite like the effect of a shock of pastel in an otherwise neutral space.

Marvellous metallics

Metallics have always had a place in the English home, but recent decades have seen a decided shift towards matte woods and plastics. Whilst we agree with that trend in general, there are ways to introduce metallics into your home in a way which brings out the best in your new property.

Whether it’s a metallic mirror, side table, light fixture or even coffee table, the light cast on metallic objects creates intriguing effects on the surfaces around you and enhance the natural beauty of your property. Their light reflecting properties evoke the waters of the UK, draw in the eye and set a focal point in your home.

2018 is all about metallics and, frankly, we can understand why. With interior decorators finding themselves increasingly excited by the material and high-street stores joining the party, there’s never been a better time to experiment with them.

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