Get the Lighting Right in your Barn Conversion

Get the Lighting Right in your Barn Conversion

It only takes a quick look around to realise that light is pretty important – it’s why God put it on the top of his schedule when he created the universe.

Here on earth though, light dictates everything that we see, illuminating the world around us. Getting the lighting right in your home though? Well, it’s not as simple as just letting the sun shine on your property.

Good lighting can enhance an already beautiful property, highlighting the architectural characteristics of your property and making your property a stunning place to live.

Whilst lighting a standard property isn’t too much of a challenge, lighting a barn conversion can be. Why? Well, whilst most properties were designed for humans to live in, your barn wasn’t. It’s a fact that means the vast majority of barns found across the UK lack any kind of serious natural light sources, which makes them difficult to live in without modification or addition.

So, how do you get the lighting right in your barn conversion? Let’s take a look.


Introduce natural light

Barns were always designed to be utilitarian structures, effective for their purpose but little more than that. It’s why we find them so alluring – they’re buildings in their purest form. However, when you’re converting a barn into a home, some of that utilitarian charm has to be sacrificed in favour of comfort.

That means introducing more natural light into your barn. Thankfully, there are countless discrete ways you can do that, alongside more traditional methods, like standard window installation.

By installing roof lighting like sky lights and roof lights, you can preserve much of the exterior charm of your barn whilst flooding the upper floors of your property with light. On the ground floor too you can nod towards the industrial heritage of your property with stunning bi-fold doors which mimic the wide aperture of barn doors, letting in vast quantities of natural light in the process.


Get creative with artificial light

Beautiful barn conversions are all about the feeling of space, which is why obtrusive lighting options are often shunned in favour of discrete lighting options like LED spot lighting, wire-track lighting and LED strip lighting to enhance natural features whilst bringing every day, usable light into the property.

These types of artificial light can be used anywhere in your property, but the incredible natural features of your barn conversion mean that you can get a little creative with your lighting – to stunning effect. Over the years we’ve seen clients install strip lighting on their roof beams, creating a lighting effect which casts stunning shadows across the ceiling of the property when the sun goes down.

By using many smaller, hidden light sources, you can retain the natural charm of your barn conversion without introducing the vast amounts of wiring, large light fittings and cumbersome installation that goes alongside typical lighting set-ups.

Combining these smart artificial lights with beautiful natural light will result in a barn conversion which enjoys stunning light, both day and night. Who could complain about that?