Choosing your Interior Staircase Design

Choosing your Interior Staircase Design

When it comes to our homes, there’s so much we can change easily if the mood strikes us. Whether it’s the wallpaper in your bedroom to the stud wall in your kitchen, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from DIY programming over the years, it’s that a home is whatever you make of it.

There are, however, a handful of things in your home which require a serious amount of work to replace or change, elements that need to be nailed in the design and construction phase. We’re talking, of course, about your staircase.

Although born out of sheer function, your staircase will help define the interior of your home for the years and decades to come.

At Bespoke we design and build custom homes, and that means helping our clients figure out their dream staircase design. Whether it’s a sense of whimsy they’re after or a grand, imposing structure to complement their exterior architecture, we’re there to help.

But what do you need to know when you’re choosing your interior staircase design?

The shape of your home

The design of your staircase will, largely, be defined by the shape of your home and the size of the room or landing it will originate and terminate from. In an existing home, that severely limits the type of staircases you can install.

In a custom-built property, the interior architecture of your home is customised to your taste. This opens the door to a wider range of staircase designs, whether that’s a wall-hugging curved staircase, a powerful and inviting central landing staircase or an L-shaped staircase.

The type of home you want to create

Whilst a staircase alone won’t completely dictate the emotions that your home inspires, it is a valuable element in any design process, one which will be in place for decade after decade.

As such, it’s vital that you sit down and really think about what you want your staircase to say. Large, wide staircases imply classical grandeur, whilst U-shaped staircases and spiral staircases bring to mind quirky and unique properties from across the world.

A custom-built property from Bespoke means that architecture and interior design intention can go hand in hand, creating stunning properties which offer no compromise.


Ultimately, a staircase is only useful if it serves its purpose correctly. With that in mind, it pays to figure out exactly who is going to be using your staircase.

For those with kids, for example, a floating staircase without any backs might prove to be a safety issue, with kids easily able to slip between the stairs. Equally, for those living with elderly people, a spiral staircase may prove to be unsuitable over time thanks to a lack of support for affordable stairlifts.

By keeping in mind your current and future requirements, you’ll be better able to choose a staircase design which fits in with your life, adding more than mere aesthetic value to your property.

To find out how Bespoke can help you land the staircase of your dreams, get in touch today.