Caring for your Lawn

Caring for your Lawn

Here in Britain, we put a great deal of love and care into our gardens. Traditionally a key part of home life by sustaining us with food and offering a place to relax, our gardens continue to play a vital role to this day, setting the tone for our homes, relaxing us and offering a space to entertain.

Whilst much of our garden might look after itself throughout the year, there’s one aspect of garden maintenance that simply can’t be ignored – your lawn.

Big, green and gorgeous – that’s how we like it, but it doesn’t stay that way on its own. It needs regular upkeep to stay beautiful, but what do you need to do to care for your lawn? Here are our top tips for spring, summer and autumn lawn care:


Spring Lawn Care

Lawn care gets started in earnest in spring and whilst the thought of heading out into the garden during a traditional English springtime doesn’t exactly delight, a simple care routine will lead to an amazing summer lawn.

There are four things you should do during Spring. They are:

  1. Feed your grass with a lawn care treatment at the start of Spring. This will kickstart your grass production and head off many early patches left by winter.
  2. Mow regularly to a general height of 2.5cm – 4cm. For well-walked lawns look to 5cm and for lawns which see mostly shade 7.5cm.
  3. Get on top of weed and moss issues with a powerful lawn weed killer, taking the time to really address the problems.
  4. Re-sow patches of ground where grass has died in order to prevent weeds and moss taking hold in its place.


Summer Lawn Care

As the weather really starts to heat up, your lawn will be seeing plenty of use from happy feet, garden furniture and any number of toys. It’s also growing at its fastest rate and consuming more water than at any time of the year. As such, proper maintenance is essential.

Here are the four things you should do during summer to keep your landscaping looking healthy:

  1. Apply another course of lawn care treatment at the start of summer. This will be the last time you need to apply a treatment course before next spring.
  2. Water your garden regularly, either in the early morning or in the late evening, as this will give the ground time to absorb the water, rather than evaporating.
  3. Cut regularly, but avoid the temptation to cut too short, as this will encourage weed growth.
  4. Keep on top of weed growth throughout the summer, regularly applying weed killer to prevent further roots from taking hold.


Autumn Lawn Care

If you’ve kept on top of your lawn maintenance throughout spring and summer, you should be in excellent shape for autumn and winter when less sun and active usage means less maintenance is required.

Nevertheless, there’s still work to do. Here are the four things to do in autumn to ensure effective lawn care:

  1. Trim your garden edges with a dedicated edging tool for a smooth, professional finish, ready for Spring.
  2. Aerate your grass with either spiked aeration shoes or a spiked lawn aerator. This will give the ground more chance to absorb nutrients and help prevent waterlogging as the weather gets worse.
  3. Cut grass occasionally, ensuring that the grass never gets too long and, therefore, has reduced access to light.
  4. Rake dead leaves from the lawn, as these block sunlight from reaching the grass. Place the dead leaves to the side, as local wildlife can find shelter in it.