Building a Home: All the Contractors You’ll Need

Building a Home: All the Contractors You’ll Need

What does it take to build a home?

It’s a question we’re often asked and yet it never fails to catch us off guard. We design and build properties every single day and, as such, we’re immersed in the everyday practicalities of home building. It occurs to us though that most people don’t really know what goes into taking a home from drafting desk to wired-up and plumbed-in completion.

Sure, TV programmes like Grand Designs might offer a little hint and we’ve all seen teams of harried builders working on completing local properties, but what does it take to build a home?

The answer is: a lot of contractors. An average of 22, according to the latest statistics from Housing Economics, in fact.

Their study identified 22 contractors which are almost always employed in the construction and finishing of a house, but those are just the most commonly used. The reality is that some properties, like eco homes, may need further contracted specialists. Here’s Housing Economics list of contractors:


  • Architect – An architect will work alongside your requests to design a beautiful, functional building which can receive planning permission.


  • Bricklaying – Responsible for laying the bricks which will form the exterior and interior of your property.


  • Insulation – Insulation specialists will dramatically lower heating costs through intelligent insulation solutions.


  • Security system – Essential for many, security system experts will ensure your home is protected.


  • Carpeting – Planning on carpeting any part of your home? Fitters will be required.


  • Heating, venting and air conditioning – HVAC specialists are required to set up the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of your property.


  • Electrical wiring – Everything from your lighting to your plug placement comes from the electrical wiring specialist.


  • Plumbing – Sinks, toilets, baths and showers fall under the plumber’s


  • ‘Technology’ – A somewhat nebulous term, but it covers Cat 5 wiring, for example.


  • Fireplace – If you want a functional fireplace, specialists will be required to ensure the home is suitable safe.


  • Foundations – Foundation specialists will ensure your property is built on secure


  • Drywall – Interior walls and ceilings will be installed by a drywall specialist.


  • Concrete flatwork – If you’re opting for a concrete floor, specialists will be required to lay and flatten the concrete.


  • Roofing – Roofing contractors will build your roof.


  • Kitchen – Kitchen fitters are tasked with assembling and sometimes designing your kitchen.


  • Tiling – Often outsourced, tilers will expertly lay tiling throughout your home.


  • Flooring – If you’re opting for a wooden or non-traditional floor type, flooring contractors will often be involved.


  • Painting and wall covering – Painters and wallpaper specialists will be employed to finish your interior.


  • Landscaping – Landscaping professionals help make your outside spaces as remarkable as your interior spaces.


  • Doors and windows – Door and window installers will watertight your home and ensure correct, safe installation.


  • Cladding or siding – If your home is being clad or sprayed with an exterior finish, contractors will be required to safely install them.


  • Carpentry – Any wooden finishes like skirting boards and bannisters will require a carpenter, provided you’re intending to go custom.


  • Interior architect – A specialist interior architect will design the interior layout of your property, in addition to designing things like staircases.