The Hidden Benefits Of Living In An Eco Home

The Hidden Benefits Of Living In An Eco Home

Over the last 50 years, we’ve all begun to wake up to the elements in our lives which gently shape and form our mood, health and attitudes. Whether it’s what we eat or how we sleep, we’re all beginning to pay more and more attention to the little things which make a big difference throughout our day.

Put simply, we’re more mindful now than ever before about the external factors which affect us, but there’s one factor that many of us still don’t consider: our homes.

We spend countless hours in our homes every year and that environment, from the layout and decorations right through to stresses like repairs and bills, has a dramatic impact on almost every aspect of our wellbeing, and nowhere is that truer than in an eco-home.

At Bespoke we firmly believe that our eco-homes offer more than mere comfort and style. In fact, we’ve seen first-hand the countless hidden benefits of living in an eco-home. So, what are they? Here’s some of the biggest.

Reduced Stress

Stress, it’s increasingly believed, is a hugely damaging force in our lives. Putting an immense strain on the mind as well as our relationships both at home and at work, it clouds our judgement, depresses our moods and robs us of the ability to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

There’s no shortage of things in your life which can make you feel stressed, but time and time again people report bills as a primary point of concern. With endlessly ballooning energy costs to contend with, our energy bills have become a chain which hangs heavily from our necks.

With an eco-home though, you can banish the bill panic by leveraging the power of the planet to warm and power your home. By installing solar panels, a small wind turbine and a ground-source heat pump, oftentimes you can completely remove yourself from the grid and enjoy the freedom that free energy brings.

It means fewer bills to worry about, more spare cash and less stress. Amazing!

Increased Durability

In a commercially built property, certain sacrifices are made to maximise profits for the building company. Whilst perfectly suitable, they’re often at the lower end of what is acceptable, which can lead to costly repairs down the line when they eventually fail.

It’s an issue which can throw off budgets, lower the value of your home and lead to some pretty nasty scenarios if you can’t repair the issues.

But that’s not the case with eco-homes from Bespoke. We select every material for both their eco-credentials and its quality, because we know that a material that lasts a lifetime is infinitely greener (and cheaper!) than a material which needs replacing every 10 years.

Improved Air Quality

The World Health Organisation has long regarded air quality as a central threat to modern health, suggesting that poor air quality leads to 6.5 million premature deaths every single year. It’s a shocking statistic, but it’s not just outdoor air quality which affects our health, because indoor air quality can pose a significant threat too.

To that end, eco-homes produce less carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses during construction and utilise low VOC paints, adhesives, sealants and finishes to improve air quality both inside and outside. You’ll also find eco-homes cycle air in from outside more often than traditional homes and use better filters too, which improves air quality within the home.