Top Home Trends For 2018

Top Home Trends For 2018

If you’re looking for design inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to update tired interiors or get those exteriors just right, we’ve tracked down the top home trends for 2018 to ensure your property encapsulates just the right amount of contemporary cool. Because if there’s one thing we understand, here at Bespoke, it’s beautiful homes.


  1. Natural finishes

The eco trend and increasing awareness of environmental matters has lent weight to a preference for natural building materials. These include sheep’s wool insulation and timbers with a clear or lightly stained finish instead of heavy paint.


  1. Red brick

The industrial trend is going strong. Exposed brickwork became an excellent way of injecting some character into a home way back in the 70s. In 2018, we can expect to see red brick used to enhance the textures and exterior of a building, alongside other curated materials.


  1. Smart home tech

From enormous TV screens to robots, smart home tech is getting more exciting by the minute. Voice assistants are spreading their wings and working their way into a range of devices throughout the home, while wires are fast on their way to becoming a thing of the past. We’re expecting to see more voice-controlled showers and lighting; even the kitchen is likely to benefit – the Samsung Family Hub fridge won the TechRadar award for Best Smart Home Device of CES 2018.


  1. Bold kitchens

Reject the classic white palette this year and embrace a rise in bold colours for the kitchen. This is a big change from previous years, when monochromes and singular colours reigned supreme. Warm wood to create a nostalgic look is also becoming a popular option for cabinets instead of paint.


  1. Broken-plan kitchens

Open-plan living is evolving to be less about one big space, and more about using it cleverly. Broken-plan bespoke kitchens retain all the light and space of open-plan, while employing structural elements such as half walls, shelves and different levels. A variety of finishes and textures are also utilised to cordon off areas for different uses.


  1. Striking sinks

The modern farmhouse style will continue to thrive this year and with it, we can expect some striking bespoke sink action – both in the kitchen and the bathroom. Instead of stainless steel, consider concrete, stone, copper or granite in dark, dramatic hues.


  1. Energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows are so popular right now, it’s hard to include them as a mere ‘trend.’ Yet they’re going nowhere and are considered essential to reduce heating bills, noise and carbon footprint. Even large glazed extensions or conservatories are no exception.


  1. Millwork feature walls

Millwork walls have become more accessible and easier to DIY in recent years, so designs have become all the more creative. Though they have been popular for some time in kitchens and bathrooms, expect to see millwork feature walls crop up increasingly in the bedroom.


  1. Concrete accents

While concrete is no stranger to being used in floors and for countertops, this affordable yet high-impact material is expected to branch out into more interesting home features and accents, such as pendant lighting.


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