Why It’s Important To Keep The Historic Character Of A Barn Conversion

Why It’s Important To Keep The Historic Character Of A Barn Conversion

If you have a grand design in mind that includes high ceilings and plenty of space, an old barn can offer the ideal skeleton around which to build your dream home. However, even if you’re after a modern look, it’s important to keep the historic character of a barn conversion and not get so carried away with your vision that you lose the rustic essence of the building. Here are some good reasons why…


You might have to by law

Is your barn a listed building? If it’s a historical beauty, it could well be. This sort of project isn’t for the faint-hearted as there will be much tighter building restrictions on what you can and cannot do. It could be a challenge to get planning permission in the first place, not to mention the added expense of seeking out vintage materials or specialist labour. Having said all that, a listed barn conversion done right is a spectacular sight to behold and could more than make your money back in the future.


To boost saleability

If there’s one thing the UK does right, it’s country living. With our characterful market towns, world class countryside and easy commuting distances to major cities, increasing numbers of people are looking to embrace the simple life and escape to the country. Retaining the natural, rustic charm of a barn conversion may prove costly, but the appeal to future buyers looking to complete their countryside dream will be well worth the effort.


To ensure the original character shines through

The essential ingredient in your new home is the design of the original barn – you don’t want to lose why you were attracted to it in the first place. Features such as the original timbers, old beams and beautiful stonework will bring the wow factor to the final result. If you decide to take on a barn conversion, put thought into how you will show off these features in their best light. Don’t lose your nerve and snuff them out.


So it doesn’t look out of place in a country setting

The stylish barn conversion walks the line between elegance and quaint country simplicity. Keeping the original character is key to stopping your new home from standing out from its countryside setting like a sore thumb. While converting a barn may be a new chapter in the building’s life, there’s nothing worse than a jarring modern structure changing the beautiful rural landscape you were so attracted to in the first place. Retaining the unique character of your barn will ensure it blends in perfectly with the landscape and doesn’t tick off the locals.


Here at Bespoke Builders, we have a special place in our hearts for barn conversions. We’ve worked on barns of all shapes and sizes, so we understand the process intrinsically. Contact us to find out how we can help you work with the characteristics of your barn and help develop that country home you’ve always dreamed of.