How To Build A House

How To Build A House

Designing your own home is a chance to create a totally unique property, one which suits all your needs and requirements. Bespoke have more than 13 years of experience creating design and build homes in Bristol and the surrounding areas, taking our clients through the entire process, from design and planning to the beautiful moment of completion.


So, if you’re wondering how to realise your dream of building a bespoke property, here’s a brief rundown of what it takes to build a house…


  1. Set your budget

It’s not the most romantic part of the process, but working out your budget is crucial to seeing your plans through to fruition. Dedicated self-build mortgages are widely available, releasing funds at key stages throughout the process – but don’t forget to factor in the plot price, too.


  1. Location, location, location

If it’s a renovation or extension, this isn’t an issue. But for those starting from scratch, finding the right plot can be tricky. Register with your local authority under their Right to Build scheme as well as Plotfinder, where private sellers sell land without involving estate agents. Sometimes, word of mouth can work wonders – talk to locals in the area where you would like to set up your new home.


  1. Design your home

Once you have a clear idea of your priorities and the style you are hoping for, it’s time to engage a designer – one you can trust to work to your budget. Take it from us that good design is worth paying for. The right designer will see you through the planning and building regulations part of the project, to the point where you’re ready to bring in the builders. Alternatively, you could opt for a reliable company with an excellent portfolio that can connect design and building costs at an early stage.


  1. Choose a building route and construction

It takes a lot of preparation to get to this much-anticipated stage – working with a company like Bespoke can take a lot of the headache out the process. After a preliminary conversation where we talk through the project with our clients, check it fits with our company criteria and that all parties are happy with our approach, it takes our quantity surveyor around two to four weeks to produce a tender document which includes timescales and milestones for the project. Once any necessary revisions have been made, we create a Construction Phase Plan and agree a start date – it really is as easy as that!


  1. The final details

Home building generally falls into five key stages – foundation work; roofs, windows and doors; first fix (structural carpentry and plastering); second fix (work carried out after plastering); and final decoration. As we near completion with our clients, we’ll take care to ensure that everything is in place and working to perfection. Then the big moment comes: we hand over the building certificates and insurances. All you have left to do it celebrate.


Design and build homes are some of our most rewarding projects. Whether you need help right from the start, already have architect plans or need assistance perfecting them, Bespoke can help you bring your vision to life.