Beautiful Landscaping – What’s The Knack?

Beautiful Landscaping – What’s The Knack?

Landscaping, generally, falls into two categories – brilliant and bland. Whilst some spaces create awe, others are little more than set dressing around an otherwise unremarkable property.

It’s something of a dark art and whilst there might not be one sure-fire way to ensure your landscaping impresses, there are a number of methods and techniques landscape artists use to create places which delight guests and enhance the properties they’re attached to.

At Bespoke, we’re firm believers in the notion that your home doesn’t end at your wall, but instead it stretches all the way the boundaries of your property.

So, what’s the knack to beautiful landscaping? Here’s what we’ve learned.

Think Holistically

Brilliant outdoor spaces aren’t merely a collection of nice objects and ideas, but instead an effort to tie together design and concept into a space which works to create a singular expression.

All too often people focus on individual elements like the colour of tile or the choice of furniture, and though whilst these elements are important, they’re only smaller elements of a larger picture, a picture that should ultimately dictate the way the pieces are chosen and arranged.

A skilled landscaper will begin with a concept and then build their design in service to that concept, resulting in a holistically designed space that offers more than the sum of its parts.

Design a Place, not a Space

It might seem like a minor distinction to make, but the separation between designing a place and designing a space is vast. A place is a destination, an area which connects to other areas and communicates ideas which are in harmony with the places around it. Spaces, in comparison, are self-contained and uncommunicative, abstracted from their immediate environment.

In simple terms, good landscape designing takes its initial inspiration from what surrounds it. A landscaper will begin by identifying the primary focal points and views which will act as the basis of the design. It could be a beautiful view from your patio, a lake off in the distance or simply way the house looks as you approach it from the road.

Those initial impressions are extremely important to landscape design and are vital in the development of a place.

Design Practically

Beauty is more than skin deep, and so landscape design should consider more than just the way things look, but how they work.

Everything from wind and sun patterns to the way you’ll move through the garden must be closely considered before plans are finalised and work is put into place. Without this kind of care, you’ll find yourself struggling with seating areas which never catch the sun (or shade), struggling to navigate a garden that’s meant to act as a place of rest and relaxation.

Good landscaping should also consider the requirements of the property owner, making allowances for the things which they deem most important. After all, what use is a garden which doesn’t facilitate the pleasure of its owners?

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