Building In Winter – How To Keep Your Project On Track In The Colder Months

Building In Winter – How To Keep Your Project On Track In The Colder Months

Winter may leave most people wishing they could curl up with a good book by the fire, but for those of us ploughing ahead with building plans, the colder season offers no respite. While there are benefits to working through the wintertime, there are also many potential problem areas that could crop up during construction. If you’ve decided to brave the elements, here’s a breakdown of potential risks to keep in mind – and the solutions to help you stay on track.

Keeping the cold at bay

Britain may not be known for its snow, but winter and higher construction costs go hand in hand. Extra equipment like heaters and lights will be needed to keep the project going, and certain works can be hampered by low or freezing temperatures.

For instance, brickwork can be adversely affected when cold temperatures cause the water content in the mortar to freeze. This can damage the mix by unbounding the cement and sand pockets. Frost, ice, sleet and snow can also throw a spanner in the works when it comes to digging and setting foundations, too.

Additionally, as frozen water expands, it can create cracks in the brickwork. This may seem inconsequential, but Building Control has been known to force affected areas to be demolished and rebuilt. If adequate measures are not implemented, working in these conditions can delay construction and increase costs.

No one can control the weather, so project managers must anticipate these winter woes in the early stages of planning. Other measures can help while the development is in motion; for instance, you can stop ground thawing by utilising a roof truss storage on the job site, but again, this comes with supplementary costs.

Maintaining motivation and safety

Productivity levels in general slip during the winter months and that’s just for those in offices – imagine spending December working outside braving the elements! There is also an added element of risk during this period; mobility is lessened by extra layers of clothing, the use of gloves is restrictive and unsurprisingly, there’s an uptick in the likelihood of slips and falls.

By partnering with an experienced construction company, your designated project manager can mitigate many of these issues through bolting programme performance compliance into the builder’s contract. As for maintaining morale, be realistic about goals, and always ensure that conditions are safe and workers’ needs are catered for. Even something as simple as readily available tea and coffee on site can show your gratitude and help boost morale.

Managing a construction project can be stressful at the best of times, but add in a touch of frost and it can be severely disrupted. But don’t let the rain damper or delay your progress – by enlisting the help of our expert team here at Bespoke, your vision will be given a dedicated project manager who will keep you in the loop, while skillfully navigating any unexpected seasonal surprises. Take the first step to making your dream a reality by learning more about our process.