Designing With Storage In Mind

Designing With Storage In Mind

Modern family living is a busy, chaotic, wondrous thing, ever-changing and evolving – but with growing family members, and changing dynamics, how do you create a home that’s going to look as good in ten years’ time as it does on the day you complete it? One way to build flexibility into your home is to design beautiful, well-considered storage that will stand the test of time.

When planning a self-build or large renovation project, you really need to think about storage right at the early stages of your build. Of course, one of the main reasons that people choose to build their own home, or renovate an existing property, is to add extra space for a family to grow into – whether you’re extending an existing property or building from scratch.

However, with modern-day living, and everything that comes with it (toys, gadgets, books, clothes, electronics, buggies, outdoor furniture…and the list goes on!), a smart, stylish and elegant home that you’ve been dreaming of can be tricky to maintain, so you’re likely to need to build in your own storage options to hide it all away!

Planning Your Spaces
First, have a really good think about what you want your space to achieve. If that sounds a little odd, what I’m really saying is that you should consider what you’re likely to do in each room. What are your hobbies? You’ll be wanting somewhere to store those skis! Do you have kids? What ages are they now? Assuming that you’re building a ‘forever’ home, you’ll need to consider their needs as they grow and develop – right now you might need space for a buggy, lots of toys, and a high chair, but in the coming years that’s going to become a mountain of shoes, gadgets, outdoor coats, homework…you get the picture! Think about what you’re going to need, and as far as possible, design this into your plans. That handy space to hide a pram away now, could accommodate a shoe-rack in years to come if you design it carefully.

Customising Spaces
If you’re renovating a period home, or have odd angles to negotiate, or even if you’ve simply got wasted space under the stairs, you should think about bespoke storage. Your designer can help you to devise carefully considered storage solutions and make the most of all available space.

Everything is customisable these days – from cupboards with pull-out drawers, to cubby holes that store kitchen gadgets that you don’t want on show, you can design everything down to the last detail. With a little thought and attention, you can create really useful areas out of what can initially appear to be dead space. One of my favourite ideas at the moment is to incorporate hinged storage boxes into staircase treads – what a brilliant way to hide away all that everyday clutter without taking up valuable cupboard space.

As always, it’s much easier to incorporate effective storage ideas at the design and planning stages of a build – it can be a lot more expensive to retrofit. At Bespoke, we work with trusted professionals who can help you to design your perfect home; call us to find out more.

Hidden Spaces
Storage doesn’t have to be a traditional cupboard or set of shelves. Make use of any space you can find – from gaps above doors, to trapdoors in the floor! Why not incorporate storage into seating areas – window seats are the perfect example of creating a beautiful relaxing space in your home that’s also working hard for you.

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