How To Live At Home When You’re Building

How To Live At Home When You’re Building

It’s a big decision to make when you decide to make some big renovations at home – do I stay, or do I go? There’s an argument for both options, but unless you have close friends or family to rely on during a project, it can be stressful to move out of your home for an extended period of time.

At Bespoke, we will provide advice and guidance about whether it’s realistically possible to remain living at home during your build. Wherever possible, we will work with you to keep you and your family at home – there are many ways around the problem, and if you do have to move out for a period of the works, we will always try to make that as short a period as possible.

Here are our top 3 tips for living at home, and staying sane during building works.


Communicate with your building contractor. Before the works begin, make sure that you have one main point of contact, and that he or she understands your requirements and non-negotiables. For example, if you have young children, you will need your building team to make sure that everything is safely put away before they finish work, so that little hands can’t get hold of things they shouldn’t. The best way of dealing with this is to have a project manager, or lead contractor who you can speak to before and during the works. At Bespoke, this is the approach we always take – we will work closely with you to understand what is and isn’t possible, what measures we have to take to make things as comfortable as we possibly can for you and your family.


Be prepared! Planning is key. Are you going to be without a kitchen for a length of time? If so, move the main items into another room – your contractors may even be able to set up a temporary kitchen in another room for you. Think about prepping and freezing meals for a few weeks so that you can just re-heat them. Move a microwave or even a camping stove into your living room, and make sure you have the essentials like a kettle and washing up bowls set up. Make use of offers from family and friends to make sure you have at least one normal evening a week! If you’re going to be without your bathroom then can you take advantage of facilities at work or your gym? It’s worth thinking about whether there are small adjustments you can make to enable you to stay in your home.


Put items into storage. If large parts of your home are going to be affected by the renovation work, consider taking a storage space for the duration of the works. The extra cost will be outweighed by the reduction in clutter – the last thing you need when you’ve got building work going on at home is piles of belongings with nowhere to put them!

And a little Brucie Bonus tip to consider..


Whilst it’s great to be able to stay at home, there are sometimes good reasons to move out of your property, even for part of the project. Talk to your contractor about whether the job could be completed more quickly if you moved out for a couple of weeks. Bear in mind that the team will need to allocate time at the end of each day to clean down and make safe if you and your family are remaining at home through the build so the job will inevitably take longer. It might be worth considering moving out for the most disruptive part of the build, in order to keep the job moving smoothly. A good contractor will always advise and reassure you of the best approach for your particular project.

If you are planning large scale renovations, contact our friendly team at Bespoke, for a no obligation quote and a chat about the practicalities of living at home during the works.