Creating A Garden Room: The Case For Building Outside

Creating A Garden Room: The Case For Building Outside

We always work with our clients to help them build their dream. For this week’s blog, I hope to inspire you towards doing that with something a little different. If you’re designing and building a new home, you could consider creating a little slice of personal space for yourself with a chic garden room.

Garden rooms are gaining in popularity as more and more people crave a little oasis of calm, a reading room, a ‘man room’, or simply a little hideaway that’s all theirs. Alternatively, it could become a family room – a space for the whole family to share. The joy of designing and building your own home is that you have absolute freedom to create an environment that works perfectly for you and your family. Read on for some garden living inspiration!

What should my garden room be?

Think carefully about how the garden room will suit your lifestyle and help you create your own personal space. I always find it’s best to ask family, friends, or a designer for ideas. With a little creativity, a garden room could be anything you want it to be. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

• Office, studio, or study room. This is generally the most popular design, where there is no spare room in the house for you to work in peace or pursue your hobby. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur looking to save the cost of renting an office – there’s so many ways that this can work for you.

• Guest room. Create a standalone guest room, complete with a toilet; this could be very useful if you have relatives or friends staying over regularly and want to give them some extra privacy.

• Games or play room. What a brilliant idea for yourself or the entire family to enjoy – this could be a home cinema, or could have space for a table tennis or pool table. Think cosy nights in with the family, whatever the weather!

• Gym or exercise room. If you are passionate about keeping fit, or want to save money on paying for a gym, this could be the perfect solution for you.

How do I build it?

Several companies offer a ready-made or self-build garden home kits, which is by far the easiest way to build a garden room. But (and it’s a big but) this option leaves little room for altering or changing the design to suit your taste. A self-build construction would be the better option here, and is generally cheaper and far more fulfilling.

When building your garden room, you should follow the ‘Permitted Development for Outbuildings’ laws. It’s nothing complicated and usually means you do not need to follow building regulations – as long as the room is built with substantially non-combustible material, a flat roof under 2.5m high, and is up to a maximum of 30m2.

Most garden rooms are built like modern timber houses, and can be built on a concrete slab or swift plinth foundations. They are generally fitted with a consumer unit on the interior or exterior, linked to your house’s electric mains, for electricity. If you choose to have a toilet, then you would need to have plumbing installed; this must follow building regulations to connect to sewage or water systems.

So, if you’re planning a new design and build project, or you’re embarking on a large-scale renovation, give Bespoke a call to see how we can work with you.