Luxury Landscaping & Outdoor Design

Luxury Landscaping & Outdoor Design

First impressions really do last forever!

When planning your new dream design and build project, don’t expect your planning and ideas to stop just inside the front door – you’ll need to consider the outside space, allowing that personal touch you have dedicated to the interior of your new dream home to extend right up to the boundary wall!

The time you spend carefully planning the build and interior space of your new home can be just as exciting when extending into the outside space. Consider this: you want your visitors to have a great first impression as they arrive – and to feel excited as to what they can expect to find on the inside!

You can add exciting and unexpected twists to the detail of your outdoor space, with a little lateral thinking, and a dash of imagination.

Top Tips for transforming your outside space:

1. Be daring!

Landscaping choices can go far beyond manicured lawns and gravelled driveways. There are endless options you can add to your designs – let your imagination run wild! For example, you can treat the garden like an extra outdoor room and incorporate natural materials just as you might in your kitchen or living room. Why not use reclaimed timber to create a bespoke decking area, or leftover stones and flags for an alternative patio?

2. Consider the character of your new home

It’s usually a good idea to continue the style and feel of your home into the outside space so that it holds together as a cohesive design. So if you’re building a more traditional home, you could use old reclaimed stone, bricks and slates – and with a more modern project you might choose to incorporate a sleek split level deck with plants and trees dotted in just the right places to create a real ‘wow’ factor.

3. Quirky often works!

Think outside the box and have some fun – if you’re lucky enough to be renovating an old building, why don’t you repurpose an old feature rescued from the property? An old cattle feeder discovered in a barn renovation could make an amazing beer cooler!

4. Push The Boundaries

The options of design and materials for boundary fencing and gates to an entrance are endless. Anything is possible when you quite literally ‘push the boundary’. Reclaimed entrance gates can be transformed with a lick of paint, or an ordinary fence could be spruced up with contemporary hanging baskets created from plant pots! Take a look at Pinterest for ideas, or consider meeting with a landscape gardener for a consultation.

5. Finishing Touches Matter

Carefully chosen flowers & plants will transform a slightly underwhelming area of the garden, providing colour and interest all year round. An exquisite tree-lined boundary gives privacy to your home and adds a striking finishing touch. If you have a family, consider installing a play house and climbing frames for the children. And why not include an area for a vegetable patch so you can grow your own and enjoy the art of preparing and cooking home grown food, as well as engaging and educating our children to enjoy it too!

Build a hideaway for the grown-ups in the form of an orangery, or an out-house that can be used as office space, an art & crafts area or simply a place to relax and unwind with a glass of wine – there’s no limits to what you can create!

When you’re renovating a house, you’ll spend hours planning every detail of your build and the interior design of your home. The message of this blog is that we should really dedicate time to considering the outside space design as part and parcel of the whole planning process. The end result will be well worth it!

If you’re planning your new design and build project, or if you’d like pointers about how to incorporate the garden into your overall design plans, we have a team of experts here at Bespoke who can help. Give us a call or pop in to say hello.