Step into Summer with a little Feng Shui

Step into Summer with a little Feng Shui

With a few days of warmer weather and summer finally in the air, we all tend to feel a little better and more upbeat.

Without thinking, we all seem to start spring cleaning – embracing that overwhelming urge to tidy our homes and gardens, and clear out the winter junk.

So following a few runs to the tip, why not try out a few Feng Shui tips from us?

Feng Shui, in basic terms, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that harmonises you with your surrounding environment. Feng Shui is thought to help you to improve every aspect of life, including health, relationships and your career, enhancing your environment according to principles of harmony and energy flow. Practitioners of Feng Shui believe that we can develop a healthy, happy, and successful life through our environment.

You may think it’s all a bit la-dee-da but I say, anything that could potentially help you to relax in your busy life is worth a try. Especially when you have three children of 5 and under as I do!

So, make a start by clearing out that clutter and hiding away items that are on display and not really needed. Be brutal, throw out the tat and if you don’t use it every day, pop it into some smart, streamlined storage boxes out of the way.

Next, pop to the local garden centre and pick up a few indoor plants – a key teaching of Feng Shui is to add some greenery to your home – the thinking is that it encourages positive energy by cleansing and purifying the air.

If something in your house is broken and niggling you….. FIX IT! Feng Shui is about positive energy and balance – and creaky hinges, broken drawers and poor paintwork do not create a balanced atmosphere!

Add some finishing touches – such as a small indoor water feature – so you can listen to the calm sound of running water in your home.

And of course, have a really good Spring clean!

All of the above hints and tips have come from years of conversations with great interior designers that we’ve had the pleasure of working with at Bespoke. Hopefully they’re a starting point for you to get inspired and make small changes around your home that can make a huge difference!

The real purpose of this blog is to get the mind thinking and to encourage our clients to take a step back and look at their current way of living – there are always improvements that can be made, and sometimes, a little rebalancing is just what you need.

Of course, when Bespoke creates a new design & build home we’ll always consider the very best interior design trends and styles to suit each of our clients’ individual tastes and requirements – and we’ll often employ many of these Feng Shui strategies and teachings. However, even if you’re already living in your ideal home, it really is never too late to make subtle changes and introduce a little added well-being and balance.

If you’re looking to create your dream home, be it a design & build project, a barn conversion or a state-of-the-art eco home, feel free to pop into the Bespoke offices for a no-obligation chat.