Stairways to Heaven

Stairways to Heaven

I think that the most exhilarating element of a design and build project is having the opportunity to add features that reflect your own character, creating a space that is truly bespoke and original. One of the areas where you can stamp your personality is in your choice of staircase.

Over the years we’ve helped our clients choose some really stunning staircases, from industrial spiral apartment-style installations to floating glass stairs, and everything in between! There’s so much choice – traditional timber, contemporary glass, striking steel, you can choose from a wide range of spindles and newels to transform a dated banister or dream up a completely new design. With careful decisions about materials and finish, your staircase will become the heart of your home.

We’d recommend commissioning a stair designer to create a handcrafted centrepiece to suit your taste and surroundings. A design expert is there to guide you through the huge variety of choices out there, and to help you make choices that are in-keeping with your space, environment, and practical considerations. Remember, anything is possible with a good imagination and the right team!

Here’s some thoughts about a few of the most popular styles and materials for beautiful staircases:

Glass with steel frame

Modern, sleek and striking. With a glass staircase, light naturally floods the surrounding area – in a way that just isn’t possible with a traditional staircase. Because the light can pass through the space without obstruction, a glass staircase design can transform the atmosphere of a room, making it feel spacious, contemporary and very welcoming. The combination of glass with steel complements minimalist spaces, creating a clean, crisp look.

Crafted Oak Staircases

Wooden staircases are stunning in their design and detail, and are particularly effective in a barn conversion, merging modern design and traditional craftsmanship. The warmth and ‘friendliness’ of wood as a material lends itself to a traditional staircase, yet there’s nothing stopping you creating a really contemporary look as well – the possibilities are endless.

Steel Frames

Create an urban apartment-style space with an industrial steel-framed feature staircase. Incorporate different colours and types of metal for an industrial focal point for your room. This style lends itself to a modern open space, and can be really effective in bringing together an open plan layout, linking two disparate spaces.

The moral of this blog – experiment! Create floating steps, retain features like exposed cables – play with a concept, and don’t be afraid to try something really different. If it’s in-keeping with the style of your home, and it works on a practical level for you, anything goes!

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