Building Your Home Through The Eyes Of Your Children

Building Your Home Through The Eyes Of Your Children

This week’s blog aims to give you some inspiration about how to adapt the design & build of your home to add some extra delights for your family.

When you have young kids, it’s lovely to be able to add in cool features and unexpected treats for them to enjoy – in our founder’s own house, we incorporated a slide to provide the kids with a fun way of getting from A to B.

Adding in family friendly features is something to chat to your builder or architect at the design and planning stages of a new build or a renovation. They can help you come up with some unique features that your kids will love – you might want to think about a play room, or a treehouse for the garden, a child-friendly breakfast bar or even some clever storage ideas to hide their toys.

Future-proofing is something to bear in mind, because as much as we don’t want them to, they’re going to grow up and grow out of these fun games, and move onto new things. In the case of the slide, we designed it so that when the children get too big (or too grown-up!) for it, the family can adapt the space and remove the slide without leaving an unsightly hole.

As your little ones get older, their thoughts will naturally move towards things like privacy, gaming, homework, having friends over, and generally being as far away from their parents as possible! By the time they head off to Uni or move out of home, their needs will of course be entirely different, and the last thing you need is to be stuck with a baby-friendly home that no longer works for your family.

Think around the subject – can you adapt a play room into a cinema space, which you and your family can all enjoy? Do you have the space available to reconfigure the bedrooms as your children get older and perhaps give them an area in the house that’s largely theirs? If you do, then consider reworking some rooms when your kids hit teenage-hood – they will love having space to themselves, and maybe a bathroom that they don’t have to share with the adults! Playrooms can be adapted to dens, snugs, gyms or even a tech-lover’s paradise (large screen surround sound movie room anyone?!) and can provide bespoke features to continue indulging your kids with little treats even as they grow. As I’ve discussed in another blog, outdoor features are a great idea, and these can also be repurposed – a kid’s sandpit could become a vegetable patch, a Wendy house can be reworked as a shed or even a snug, furnished with outdoor heaters and lots of blankets!

Some key things to consider:

• When installing features, make sure they are easily removed or adapted;

• Think about how to change the use of a room as your children’s hobbies and interests change;

• Will the layout of your house work as the children get older? The toddler who needs mum and dad close by will one day be a teenager who craves their own space – can you rework the rooms once your kids are more independent?

• Speak to your architect early in the building process, and they’ll be able to look at ways of incorporating unusual features that are in keeping with the style and functionality of your home.

I’d highly recommend designing in some features for your kids to enjoy over the years – there’s nothing nicer than seeing your family enjoying the space that you’ve so lovingly created for them.

If you’re early in the building process, do give us a call or pop in to see us at our Bristol offices – we’d love to hear your plans and see how we can help.