Wet Rooms With The Wow Factor!

Wet Rooms With The Wow Factor!

This week, we’re taking a look at a thoroughly modern take on the bathroom – the wet room!

What is a wet room?

A wet room is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a totally waterproofed or tanked bathroom, with a shower area at the same level as the whole floor space. There’s a slight incline within the shower compound itself, allowing excess water to drain away. A truly open plan wet room removes the need for an enclosure (as required with a traditional shower cubicle), although when choosing a smaller sized wet room, some people do still prefer to install a screen to avoid splashing water onto the sink or toilet.

A wet room is a great way of utilizing space effectively and can be installed on both the ground and upper floors of your home, giving the illusion of greater space and a feeling of pure luxury. You can also install a wet room in both timber and concrete constructions, although the golden rule is always to use a skilled design and installation team, as the works involved go far beyond that of a normal bathroom.

The key to creating a successful wet room with the wow factor is understanding any special requirements – and building in solutions – at an early stage of your project. Your wet room design should be created to reflect your personality, just as you would with other rooms throughout the build. To add that final luxurious touch to your wet room, we’d also recommend installing an underfloor heating system to help dry the room area after use – there really is nothing nicer than the touch of warmth under foot on cold frosty mornings.

Pull out all the stops with your designs and expectations, so that you can make your wet room an unexpected hidden gem in your dream home!

So, can anyone have a wet room?

Yes, of course you can! Trust me, when you no longer have to think about cleaning the shower tray or keeping glass shower screens sparkling (which we all know can feel like a never-ending task) you’ll adore the design freedom and practicality that a wet room provides!

Done well, wet rooms are fashionably modern, minimal and a great hygienic option for the whole family. There’s loads of benefits, including flexibility – unlike a conventional shower-tray or bath, you’ve got free rein to make the best use of the space you have. Wet rooms are super easy to keep clean and are a great accessible option – the older generation, parents with young children, or anyone with impaired mobility will find a wet room a refreshing option. At Bespoke, we use ‘Inclusive Design’, ensuring that your wet room is beneficial for the whole family.

Plus, when you’ve had a long day on the beach with the children or been out walking the dog, you‘ll find numerous other uses for a wet room – rinsing down wetsuits, beach toys and muddy damp dogs included! An extra little nifty tip – a wet room even gives you an added space to hide the clothes airer when it’s raining outside!

Whether you’re considering a new design & build project, a barn conversion or renovation or another exciting construction project, contact the Bespoke team to see how we can help you create your dream home.