Custom Builders before Developers, Every Time!

Custom Builders before Developers, Every Time!

First and foremost, we are high-end custom residential home builders. Yes, we do undertake developments and Joint Ventures but our bread and butter is and always will be us as builders working for discerning clients.

We are not developers striving for margin or building volume, and we do not build on a budget.

Our thought process, ethos and core belief system is to build well thought-out homes that are robust, beautiful and tailored to our clients’ needs.

We believe this means that buying a home from us can only be a good thing. We are trained to use the best materials and undertake works in the best way, rather than being driven by a commercial margin. I mean, of course we do need to make a profit and will always try to, but this isn’t the top priority on our mission statement.

We want to build homes we are proud of – homes that make our families proud of us and homes that are enjoyed and loved by the occupiers for years to come.

When developing a small estate or a one off home, we carefully analyse the local area, type of home and demographic to determine what will best suit the needs of the potential buyer. It’s our view that a commercial developer would perhaps consider their margin above these kinds of concerns.

As our Contracts Director states on a regular basis “we do not cheat”. We insulate well and you can have confidence that right from the foundations, the development has been built properly, we have used the correct materials and we will stand by our creation.

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