Tips for Building a New Family Home

Tips for Building a New Family Home

At Bespoke, we take pride in being at the forefront of modern aspirational home building. We have worked with some of the leading architects in the South West, and in this week’s article, we share some of our tips for designing the perfect new family home.

1. Eco-friendly Design

Builders, architects and clients have all woken up to the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, and we have seen a real shift in the industry towards eco-friendly building techniques and the incorporation of renewables as part of a new build.

We specialise in sustainable eco-homes, and actively encourage our clients to future-proof their new build by making it as environmentally friendly as possible. For a new family home, this could be using advanced building techniques to ensure the rooms are all as insulated as possible, or installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources to provide hot water and heating to the house.

2. Bespoke Features

We always encourage our clients to think about how they live, and then we look at ways we can customise their home to suit their lifestyle as much as possible. They may want a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, a purpose-built study, or any number of other custom-built features that will turn the property into a genuinely bespoke home.

3. Modern, Open Plan Living

An open plan layout can be fantastic for providing a greater sense of space and spreading natural light through the home. Rather than enclosing every room within 4 walls, many of our clients prefer a more open layout, with the kitchen, living room and other downstairs rooms all flowing in together.

This is particularly suitable for a family home, as it means that members of the household can still interact and socialise whilst doing different things in different parts of the house.

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