Going Underground

Going Underground

The one thing you can say about our line of work is that there’s never a dull moment. Despite being highly experienced in both new builds and refurbishment projects, sometimes we still encounter things that surprise us and bring some excitement and intrigue to the job.

One such occasion happened a few weeks ago when our operatives were digging out the lower ground floor of a Clifton property and unexpectedly came across a red brick arch covering a vault. They called the office, and the site quickly became an episode of Time Team, with everybody trying to figure out what it was that we’d found. It was slightly concerning at first, as we suspected it may have been a listed tunnel – there are many of these old tunnels in Clifton.

We called the local authority conservation officer to come in and establish exactly what we were dealing with, and eventually it became clear it was an old Georgian water storage tank, formed using stone for the walls and a brick arch roof. This was good news for the client, with the added bonus that it was very strong and robust, meaning it could be repurposed as part of our build project.

We are now looking to turn the area into a “Wine Cavern”, which will include a walk-on glass trap door and have a paddle ladder leading down into it. The cavern will be lit up and will be a good talking point, giving guests the chance to look down from above.

We enjoy little discoveries like this – especially when we can turn a potential challenge into a positive outcome. The cavern will be a really great feature for the house, something that will bring character and individuality to the property.

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