Why it’s a Great Time to Build a Home in Bristol and the South West

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Why it’s a Great Time to Build a Home in Bristol and the South West

Every year around 13,000 people embark on a project to build their own home in the UK. As a nation we are slowly waking up to the benefits of self-builds, with Bristol and the South West among the most popular areas in the country for self-building.

Traditionally, the UK has been behind the rest of Europe in terms of self-building new homes. In Belgium, Germany and France, around 50% of new homes are self-built – compared to England where it is below 10%.

This is beginning to change, and the government has begun to take steps designed to encourage home building, by easing restrictions and telling councils to set up a register of individuals who are interested in self builds, to assess and understand demand (as discussed on last month’s blog).

As well as the decrease in red tape and restrictions on new builds, the high cost of housing is another key factor encouraging many people to investigate the option of self-building for the first time. Faced with house price inflation and shortage, people are realising that often the best, most affordable way to get their hands on their ideal home is to find an architect and builder, and build it themselves!

This is especially true in Bristol – one of the areas of the country where the property market is becoming more and more inflated. This trend looks likely to continue in the near future, with planned improvements to transport links to London and the Midlands likely to only increase the attractiveness of the city to homebuyers.

In Bristol we have recently completed some very exciting new builds, including our award-winning Fourway project in Clifton. The city has become an incredibly dynamic, interesting place to work and a hotbed of innovative architecture projects. It was reported this month that plans are under consideration to temporarily move the Houses of Parliament to a newly built complex in Bristol on the site of the abandoned post office sorting house (a well-known city eyesore), whilst the iconic Palace of Westminster is undergoing much-needed renovation.

Whilst this project may not come to fruition, it’s a testament to Bristol being very much on the map for boundary-pushing, challenging new architecture. We’re looking forward to completing many more creative, innovative projects of our own here in Bristol and the surrounding area in years to come, and we’ll be sharing all our best work with you here in our case studies section.

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