Finding a Plot of Land for your Dream New Build Home

Finding a Plot of Land for your Dream New Build Home

When you have decided you want to build your dream home, one of the first challenges you will face will be finding the right plot of land.

For those not fortunate enough to inherit or already have ownership of an ideal plot, getting your hands on the right piece of land can be a significant challenge. You will need persistence, determination and flexibility if you are to maximise your chances of success

In areas around popular, thriving cities like Bristol, demand for suitable land is high and finding a plot that fits all your requirements and falls within your price range can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

How flexible you are able to be with your requirements will dictate how many options you have and how easy your search is. The materials, character and form of the building will need to fit with the surrounding area – for example if you have your heart set on a dream home that looks innovative, cutting-edge and modern, you may struggle to get planning approval in a traditional Cotswolds village.

Here are the main types of plots you are likely to encounter in your search:


These are sites that have not been developed before, such as in open countryside or rural locations. It is often difficult to gain permission for a completely new build in greenfield sites, so planning is more likely to be granted on a conversion or rebuild of an existing property.

Brownfield & Buy to Demolish

Land that has already been developed often offers good opportunities for self builds. There are plenty of rundown and neglected properties in often very nice areas, that have not been lived in for years.

You can get a bit creative with brownfield sites, for example buying a row of garages or some other non-residential building, and converting it to your own purposes. Despite the demolition expenses, pulling down an existing structure and replacing it with your new build home can often be a very cost-effective solution.

We are experienced at this kind of project, having recently completed a new build which involved demolishing an existing house, removing the foundations and replacing it with two new properties according to the client’s specifications.

There are several ways you can find suitable land, whether it is a greenfield, brownfield or buy to demolish site. The internet has made it far easier than it used to be, with estate agent websites and specialist sites like serving as a great starting point in your search.

Plots of land are also often sold at auctions, so it is worth keeping an eye on auction houses in your search area for upcoming events.

Finally, sometimes the hands-on, personal approach of networking and exploring in the area can be the most successful method. Not all plots actually make it to the open market, so by getting to know the community you can find opportunities that you would never otherwise have encountered.

According to the latest figures 13,000 people self-build a new home every year. Despite the difficulty involved in searching for land, the reward of finding your ideal plot and turning your dream home into a reality will make all your hard work and investment worthwhile.